Suspects of monk murder case forced to admit the killing

Suspects of monk murder case forced to admit the killing

8th May 2013

Among six Muslims in Meiktila accused of killing a Buddhist monk, at least two persons have nothing to do with the case, says a local resident.

M-Media could attain that Zaw Htet Naing and Myo Win were not involved in killing, but they appeared on photos taken by the police in other places. Although not involved in rioting, they have been charged together with four other persons.

Seven lawyers based in Yangon (six Buddhists and one Muslim) tried to help the accused, but they were not allowed to even observe pre-trial investigation. The accused are not given access to lawyers either.

M-Media learns that all six persons have been forced in detention centre to admit that they killed the monk.

The six persons were brought to the court today where the crowd shouted to give them harsh punishment. According to a lawyer, they will be given harsh punishment as the crowd demand in order to avoid larger crowd protest that would lead to instability.

A local resident told M-Media that the case is expected to be decided earlier than original schedule of May 19.

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