Arrested opposition would become instant heroes, if died would become martyrs

Daw Suu, U Win Tin, Min Ko Naing were at first opposition leaders only.
When the Military government arrested them, they not only became HEROES of the people but the icons of democracy and Human Right activists of the world. This is true for people like Mr Nelson Mandela and other dissidents around the world
If the gov kill any opposition member, like in South Africa or South America…they automatically became heroes.

Arrested opposition would become instant heroes, if accidentally died would become martyrs e.g. Bo Aung Kyaw of Myanmar, Che Guevara and Steve Biko of South Africa

In Burmese history four Muslims:two Byat brothers and their children two Byin brothers who were killed and became Martyrs.

King Bodawpaya (1782–1819) arrested four famous Burma Muslim Maulvis (Imams) from Myedu and killed them in Ava, the capital, after they refused to eat pork. [ref “Yegar p. 12″>Yegar ”Muslims”; p. 12, paragraph 3] According to the Myedu Muslim and Burma Muslim version there were seven dark days after that execution and the king later apologized and recognized them as saints.[ref:”Yegar p. 12″ and Siddiq Khan, M., “Captain George Sorrel’s Mission to the court of Amarapura, 1793-4″, ”Journal of the Asiatic Society of Pakistan” (Dacca); II (1957), pp. 132-140]

Reformasi movement started after the unfortunate black eye incidence.
Please handle with care.
We love peace and stability but not another Burma in ASEAN.

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