In Malaysia Bamas are free to worship, pray, build Monastries and Pagodas but why Islam is attacked by Buddhists in Myanmar?

And….Penang is almost becoming Bama/Buddhist state like second Singapore…Numerous pagodas, Buddhist religious activities, Very big and grand Bama Buddhist Pagoda and Monastry…and full of Bama Buddhist workers.
Thant Zin Htwe wrote >>>

In India, English ruled by divide & rule policy ( create religious violence between Hindu & Muslim)but many years ago India government start to eliminate that idea and spread the speech about tolerance. Nowadays Not talking about tolerance bcoz tolerance means we have to be patience different religion & race. Nowadays talking about love each other human being.

In Malaysia, 1969 the problem come out between malay muslim & Chinese Malaysian.Malaysia Government immediately stop that riots and successfully built up peaceful country.In Kuala Lumpur only 21 Buddhist monastery for Myanmar Buddhist workers.
Saya u phone( dartu)said in one of his Myanmar literature talk, the value of left slipper depend on the right slipper. Without right slipper, left slipper is nothing.
Without Myanmar Muslims+Myanmar Christians +ethnic group, Myanmar Buddhist alone is nothing.
In Myanmar , we r (forced to) sleep since 1962.Now we wake up and going backward.
Pls be aware that the crony group creating religious problem in Myanmar to divert attention from letpadaung taung demonstration.
I m feeling sad for our Muslim people from Lashio and worry for our country bright future also.

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