Meikhtila refugee dilemma…

Meikhtila refugee dilemma…

Owner of burnt houses are allowed to go back and stay in their homes. But…

  1. If they opened the store houses in their compound behind their houses…suddenly Buddhist people surrounded together with the authorities and prohibit them, telling that they were allowed to stay only but not allowed to open the godown or stores.
  2. If they open the small shops in their compound in front of their houses…those people and the authorities ask them to close the shops as they were allowed to stay only.
  3. If the Muslim workers and staff go to report for work to non-Muslim employers, they were told that there were no works for Kalars.
  4. If Muslim owned trucks and buses go to the Bus-truck gates (depots) the driver were chased out and told not to come back as there is no business for them.
  5. Muslim Shops in the market are not allowed to open, giving the lame excuse of no security although there were police and military manning everywhere….

For the owners of burnt house…they were just verbally promised that they will get back their land, BUT

  1. Those with the official land title only could get back.
  2. Those who bought the land/house with the legal documents but failed to officially transfer the name would not get back the land.
  3. Those families who had inherited the land but staying together, only one would be entitled to get back the land.
  4. Those who are registered and staying in the government recognized refugee camps only are entitled to get back the land.
  5. Those staying in the unrecognized areas would not be given back the lands.
  6. Those who run away to other towns like Mandalay, Yangon, Kalaw, Taunggyi etc would not get back their land even if they were officially holding the land titles. They were also not getting any aids.
  7. Total numbers of unrecognized Meikhtila refugees are about 7000 people. When they complaint, Mandalay Division authorities retorted them why they run away. (Even Saddam Hussein run away and hid in a pit, Gaddafi runaway and hide in the drainage pipe under the highway. And Myanmar Generals had dug underground tunnels with the help of North Koreans to hide and run away if Americans or enemies invaded.)

Those who are entitled to get back the lands could not get the vacant possession of their lands.

  1. Mandalay PM Former General Ye Myint’s sons had formed a construction company which will build condominiums on those lands. Each landowner would be entitled to get a room in those condominiums.
  2. When the land owners requested to just give back their land where they could build temporary shelters first and later construct their own houses, Mandalay PM Former General Ye Myint rudely threatened them, “If you dare to stay like that go and try to stay there.”

And the last but not the least of the above…Fifteen Masjids are destroyed. From those, only SIX which were not very severely damaged and close to the Muslim populated area were marked by Muslims and applied to the authorities to allow to open, do superficial cleansing only but promise not to repair or any renovation, so that they could pray during the coming fasting month. No answers yet.

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