Ethnic Cleansing on Rohingyas Highlighted at UN Human Rights Council in Geneva

Maung Zarni shared Aung Myo Zaw‘s status.
Ethnic Cleansing on Rohingyas Highlighted at UN Human Rights Council in Geneva

Last Thursday and Friday Ethnic Cleansing on Rohingyas in Burma become the hot issues at Geneva UN Human Rights Council. About 4 side event took place last two days.
Persecutions of Rohingya Muslims in Burma event was organized by Human Rights Watch. Chris Lewa Director of Arakan Project, Melanie Teff from Refugees Intrernational,Tun Khin from Burmese Rohingya Organization UK and Josh Lyons, Human Rights Watch Satellite Imagery Analyst joined to the penal to highlight ethnic cleansing on Rohingyas.

The mission from about 20 countries was attended to the event including US Mission, UK Mission and OIC mission.
Chis Lewa highlighted Northern Arakan State situation details .Melanie Teff raised about Humanitarian aid issues Tun Khin President BROUK pinpointed about 1982 citizenship law and international community urgent action needed, Josh Lyon showed power point presentation with the pictures of How Rohingya and Kaman Muslim systematically targeted .
BROUK President Tun Khin said It was very fruitful event to lobby about 20 important missions to support international independent investigation on Arakan Violence. He also said one Year on there is no talk about safe return on Rohingyas to original place, same time facing blocking of Humanitarian aid.Eventhough international outcries on 1982 citizenship law President Then Sein Government is trying to implement by t. About 35Rohingya boatpeople left out of the country because impossible situation created by Burmese Government. Government is encouraging hatred against Rohingyas and other muslsims of Burma. Government is not protection Muslims in Burma and instigating to eliminate Muslims from Burma.
He requested to the missions immediately to discuss and intervene in these serious international crimes and send UN Observers and UN Commission of Inquiry in order to protect the lives property, honour and dignity of the vulnerable and helpless Rohingyas and other Muslims communities in their segregated displacement camps and villages and also to reveal the findings in public and bring the perpetrators to Justice. resolution. He also urged to include UN Commission of Inquiry current UN Human Right Council Session.
On Thursday evening Joint Lobby group held a press conference in Geneva Press Club.
BROUK President was invited to speak on Friday at UN Panel Discussion on the problem of Statelessness and its sever impact on Human Rights. Mark Manly , Head of Statelessness Unit,UNHCR , Lilianna Gamboa Cordinator of Open Society Justtice Intitiative , Zahara Albarazi Resercher from Tilburg University joined. The event was moderated by Deputy Chief of Mission to the UN in Geneva.

BROUK President highlighted incompatibility of the Burmese Citizenship Law 1982 with Inrternational Human Rights Law. He also mentioned about Rohingya existence in Burma since early 7th Century A.D and how Rohingya ethnic rights and citizenship rights were stripped of By Burmese Government .All Rohingyas want to live peacefully in their own country by restoring their ethnic Rights and citizenship rights in Burma.

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