Recent violence being distorted by Myanmar cybertroopers for political gain

Recent violence being distorted by Myanmar cybertroopers for political gain


PETALING JAYA: The recent outbreak of violence involving Myanmar nationals here in Malaysia is being distorted and used to instigate the population back in Myanmar.Blogs and social media platforms such as Facebook are being used to create the false impression that Myanmar nationals are being persecuted in Malaysia.

“They want to poison the minds of the people back home,” claimed a Myanmar national who has lived in Malaysia for more than a decade.

Most of the blogs and Facebook postings are in Burmese although the Star Online came across the, which has posts in English.

On June 9, the blog claimed that killings of Myanmar Buddhists were being carried out by Bengali Muslims (the official Myanmar term for the Rohingyas) in Kuantan, Selayang and Sungai Besi.

The blog also posted up gruesome pictures of people being chopped up as the victims of the violence here.

One post quoted a Malaysian news agency on the violence in Malaysia but added information that was not in the original news piece, implicating the Rohingyas.

Violence in various parts of Kuala Lumpur involving Myanmar nationals from May 30-June 4 has seen three Myanmar nationals die and few others injured.

The violence has been linked to recent clashes in Myanmar between Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims in the western state of Rakhine.

The observer however pointed out that the last major of outbreak was back in March.

“Why is the violence suddenly spilling over? Someone is trying to instigate the population back home. They are using Malaysia for their own political gain and sympathy,” he said.

The observer also pointed out that many Myanmar nationals are changing their Facebook profile pictures to black in solidarity with the alleged victims here.

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