Advice to the bright Myanmar Muslim students to try their best even if they were unjustly discriminated by Bama Authorities

scan0003Believe it or not,
That year, when Dr. Than Win and I came back from Luyechun camp, we used the previous year cards and took the flight from Heho to Mandalay with just Kyat 20.00 each.


I am lucky that it was early years of General Ne Win and he had not started the anti-Muslim campaign yet. Even at that time, the Mandalay Distrait (Khayine) level interview, the interviewer asked me to sing the Burmese National Anthem, which I sang properly although my voice was not good!

I pity that during the renewed LYC Programme, bright Muslim students would be just kicked out without selecting them. But there is a saying, “Men propose and Allah disposed”.

I hereby wish to advise the young Muslim students of Myanmar not to depress because of discrimination BUT try harder to show those BIGOTS that you are not at their mercy, you are better than they treat you and Allah would look after you always, In Sya Allah…..

I was denied to even attend the internal MSc Surgery, Director General of Medical Education telling bluntly that they would give a KALAR that chance. I resigned from my prestigious teaching post in Surgery and later migrated. Now when looking back over my shoulders, I realized that it was a Blessing in Disguise from Allah. I don’t lost anything but Burma or Myanmar only lost the service of Muslims. At least I have to KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT if I were in service. Now I am happy to at least could serve our Muslims of Myanmar by exposing the persecution, discrimination, Religious Cleansing, Ethnic Cleansing, Genocide e.t.c. Alhamdulillah.

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