There is only ONE solution to stop the HATE SPEECHES and Hate Mongers in Myanmar

There is only ONE solution to stop the HATE SPEECHES and Hate Mongers. To force the Myanmar Gov to stop them. Only if they forbid the Islamophobic Hate Speeches and accept the EQUAL RIGHTS of the Muslims, we would be able to stay peacefully.

Last night my friend from Singapore told me that when he called U Aye Lwin..UAL told him that all they have done R like pouring water into sand as no media report them. EMG just print the negative news…..

During the Hitler‘s Nazi time ALL Germans hate the Jews. But once after the WW2…all changed because of the new concept of gov…

Same thing happened during Apartheid rule. Once gov changed…all changed.

In Myanmar, problem is Gov (military/phoot/NLD) must change their concept , announce the anti-discrimination/ant-Religious-discrimination laws esp forbidding the Hate Speeches and take firm action on Hate Mongers.

Good Human Rights conscious Myanmars, Buddhists, Christians, Ethnic Minorities, International media, NGOs, International Governments, OIC, ASEAN and UN should need to pressure the Myanmar Government to change its mindset.

I wrote the above in response to my friend U Aung Tin status update.

ေတာင္ႀကီးမွာ ဦးဝီရသူ တရားပဲြ ပထမည ႏွစ္ေသာင္းေက်ာ္၊ ဒုတိယည သုံးေသာင္းေက်ာ္တက္တယ္ ၾကားတယ္။ လူေတြကလည္း မြတ္စလင္ဆန္႔က်င္ေရးေတြကုိ အရပ္ထဲမွာ လွည့္ေအာ္ေနၾကတယ္ဆုိပါတယ္။

ျမန္မာျပည္သူေတြကေတာ့ မြတ္စလင္ဆန္႔က်င္ေရးဆုိရင္ အေတာ္ေလးကုိ ႏွစ္သက္ၾကတယ္။ ၿကုိဆုိေနၾကတယ္။ စိတ္မေကာင္းစရာပါ။

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2 Responses to “There is only ONE solution to stop the HATE SPEECHES and Hate Mongers in Myanmar”

  1. drkokogyi Says:

    Ko Ye Yint Thitsar replied, “I think the info is wrong. Many journals reported about the PC”…TQ for the correction…May be we misunderstand UAL’s words. May be he said that not prominently or full in detail.

  2. drkokogyi Says:

    YYTS Commented>>>So far, There are only two media, namely the daily eleven and the ladies journal that misquoted the statements made by Islamic scholars in the PC. Last week the daily eleven amended their news and the ladies journal will also soon apologize and amend the news In Sha Allah.

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