Wirathu’s original (Nazi) vision, content of his Islamophobia, strategies and criminal background

Wirathu’s original (Nazi) vision, content of his Islamophobia, strategies and criminal background Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wirathu’s original (Nazi) vision, content of his Islamophobia, strategies and criminal background
“Muslim guests (in Burma) are violating, insulting and abusing the hospitality and tolerance of the Buddhist hosts.  We have put up with these (Muslim) thieves, robbers abusers and invaders for too long.
I don’t want to resort to violence.  But they continue behave like a band of car thieves.
This situation requires radical solutions.  We need covert actions like CIA and Mossad.  
I will make the Muslims of Mandalay starve.  I will make them homeless.  When I give you all the signal to start this campaign will you be ready to take actions!”
— 969 Nazi “Monk” Wirathu, Mandalay, 3 September 2003
To his call to arm, his fellow monks in the audience gave him thunderous applause and roared, “We WILL!!”
(half way through Wirathu’s “Buddhist” sermon)
The day Muslims of Burma acquire human mind it will be the day I will stop preaching (anti-Muslim) sermons. But so far, they have despicable and dangerous destroyers of our Buddhism and Buddhist symbols, in spite of our country having greater religious freedoms than the United States with its animal rights. 
(Obviously out of deep ignorance), Wirathu said “the Chinese in Malaysia dare not purchase houses or own businesses because they are officially banned from the state in Malaysia”.
“I don’t have much confidence in or anticipations for ‘democracy’.   If we don’t have democracy, Buddhism will still survive and thrive.  If we don’t have Buddhism we will be finished.  So, we must work towards enacting a law banning Buddhist-Muslim marriages.

“The Muslims are plotting to take over Myanmar with their 100-year plan. They will take over our country’s sovereignty through inter-faith marriages of Buddhists. The Muslims are sowing bad blood between our Armed Forces and the Burmese Buddhist public.

In Iran, if an Iranian woman marries a German, the German would be executed by the Iranian State. Iran isn’t afraid of Germany you know.

The local woman would be caned. But that’s a bit too cruel. I will only propose the following:

Cut their (Muslim men’s) dicks off. We need to make an example out of Muslim men who marry our women. As with our women who fell for the Muslim men, we can simply jail them. Only with this kind of legal actions will our mission of the ‘defense of the Buddhist faith’ will be most effective”.

— Wirathu, Mandalay, 3 September 2003

(towards the end of his sermon)
ource: Aung Lion: Wirathu‘s background in the interests of the public (translated by Zarni)

“The Venerable Wirathu has been actively promoting religious hatred towards other faith-based communities for more than 10 years.
Instead of preaching the Buddha Dharma, he has done only two things: 1) dishing out scathing attacks against the Vipassana Meditation methodologies which the Venerable Tant-kyi-Taung (a famous mountain range on the west bank of the Irrawaddy across from the ancient city of Pagan in the Dry Zone), despite the fact that there is allowed freedom to pursue one’s own practices and 2) spreading religious bigotry among the Buddhist monks and lay public.
In Kyaukse (Than Shwe’s birthplace) in 2003, I saw with my own eyes the police and security troops turning away truck loads of Saffron Robed Burmese monks armed with machetes/swords coming in Dinar buses (imported used light trucks from Japan converted as passenger buses since around 1980’s). They surely were responding to Wirathu’s hate-driven call to acts against the Muslims. I can never erase that sight from my memory.
After his release from prison where he was jailed for inciting religious violence and tarnishing the image of Buddhism, he resumed his original mission: inciting religious hatred and mass violence against the Muslims.
One thing that never ceases to amaze me is that Wirathu seems to always know ahead of any mass violence acts (against the Muslims). Instead of informing the authorities and working together to prevent these mass atrocities from happening he continues to be complicit in them.
For sure, Wirathu is collaborating with the regime’s intelligence services, with the view towards the upcoming election in 2015. Both the regime and Wirathu are pursuing their old delusional mission of preventing any inter-faith marriages in Burma.
I have been posting notes about Wirathu of late so that the public can be informed about him and his background”


Zarni’s remark:

I have a collection of speeches by Wirathu and his seniors.

Among the Buddhist seniors whom Wirathu said fully supports his push for  Buddhist missions and Buddhist defense, including the Venerable Nyar-neik-tha-ya (Thi-da-gu Sayadaw), the most significant of which is the one he delivered in southern Mandalay near Mahamuni (Rakhine Buddha) on 3 Sept 2003. This was before Wirathu went to jail for inciting religious hatred against the Muslims.

Here he accused all branches of secular knowledge, History, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Math, etc., which are officially taught from KG to pre- and post-graduate courses in Burma as harmful to Buddhism, “Buddhist race” and Buddhist nation of Burma.

He draws inspirations from Sri Lanka where Buddhism is, he claims, a bedrock of all schools.

He proposed two things:

1) make Buddhism mandatory in all schools and educational institutions;
the current branches of secular knowledge do not equip the Burmese Buddhists to defend their faith, their race and their nation against the imminent threat posed by the rising diabolical Muslim onslaught.
All Buddhist Dharma Lecturers need to take over and shape the school knowledge in all schools in their localities.

2) ban all Buddhist-Muslim marriages because Buddhist society has reached a high risk point where its population has been threatened by the growth of the Muslim population which is growing through coerced religious conversion of Buddhist men and women who marry Muslim spouses.

All secularly educated Burmese must operate mentally and intellectually, within “the Buddhist framework”; or they will themselves become instrument of destruction of Buddhism, Buddhist race and Buddhist nation.

As a matter of strategy, he advocated:

1) solicit official support and funding from the State in Burma because it is not enough for the Buddhist laity (lay public) and the Sangha (monks) to unite in the defense of Buddhist faith.  The state needs to back this movement to defend the faith, the nation and the race.  So far the State is doing nothing in defense of our faith.

2)   turn and fully develop Dharma teaching by Buddha Dharma Lecturers in to courses in ‘nationalist consciousness’ where we produce ‘high quality Buddhists whose horizon has been expanded’.

3) train Dharma lecturers in public speaking and in the missionary methodologies.

Si-ta-gu Abbot Ven Nya-nate-tha-ya was publicly mentioned by him as a major Buddhist leader who is very keen on engaging in Buddhist missionary work.  Nya-nate-tha-ya, Wirathu said, will also be teaching these courses, along with lay Buddhist writers such as U Htay Hlaing and Dr Min Tin Mon.

Wirathu stressed that Malaysia is a prime example of state-sponsored, institutionalized religious  and race-based policies of discrimination, favoring the Malays and the Muslims vis-a-vis the rest of the ethnic, international and religious communities.   He contrasted Malaysia’s policies with Burma’s policies that are lax, corrupt and non-discriminatory.

Obviously out of deep ignorance, he said “the Chinese in Malaysia dare not purchase houses or own businesses because they are officially banned from the state in Malaysia”.

“Muslim guests are violating, insulting and abusing the hospitality and tolerance of the Buddhist hosts.  We have put up with these (Muslim) thieves, robbers abusers and invaders.”


I will see if I can find ways to upload them.

These men and their bigoted views are extremely harmful to the country, national and ethnic reconciliation and contributing to the rise of Nazi- worldviews disguised as ‘Buddhism.

If you are a Buddhist and concerned about Burma’s on-going mass atrocities against the Muslims and the Rohingya and the attacks on other people’s religions – such as Christianity, Hinduism, and other monotheism the least you can do is speak out.
Do NOT sign the 969 Marriage Law draft.

Educate your family, neighbors, and friends about the enveloping “Buddhist” Nazism in Myanmar.

If you want the original audiofile of this 3 Sept 2003 “Buddhist” sermon by Wirathu please email me at m.zarni@lse.ac.uk  or watch this space as it will be posted soonest.

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