U Hla Maung,an ex-ambassador threatened Muslims organizations in Myanmar to cooperate with government propaganda to lie to International Community

Myanmar Muslim Media U Hla Maung,an ex-ambassador pressure Muslims organizations in Myanmar to cooperate with government propaganda …

Source: MM.Net

60 mosques were destroyed by ruthless attacked of Buddhists terrorists’ anarchy over past one year. Yet U Hla Maung,an ex-ambassador pressure Muslims organizations in Myanmar to cooperate with government propaganda to international community which claimed there is no religious discrimination and oppression to minority Muslims. Muslims organizations refuse to co-operate.

News – Moe Chit Thu ( Myanmar Muslim Media ) Translated by -Saw Closay

U Hla Maung said ” President is encouraging effort of Multi-religious group to keep different religious in harmony and if Muslims organizations do not join such group,individuals in Muslims organization and Muslims organization could be in trouble” Muslims are hesitating to join such government sponsored Multi-religious group due to lack of transparency and subject to bias and forced to give in government manipulation said by a local Muslim who does not wish to be named.

On 25th of this month, U Hla Muang invited Muslims organisations such as Olama, Islamic religious council of Myanmar, Ma Ma La to his house and threaten to join such government sponsored Multi-religious group.

One of the leader of government recognized religious orngaisation said ” we do not join such government sponsored Muti-religious group because person like U Hla Maung is there, we do respect the rest of the religious leaders in the group though.”

To stop international pressure to Myanmar for oppression and injustice to minority Muslims in Myanmar and to counter pressure to international community, U Hla Maung is forcing Muslims leaders and organization to give impression to diplomatic circles in Myanmar that if international community keep pressure to Myanmar government, Muslims in Myanmar will suffer more then what they are suffering now.

Violence attacks by Buddhist terrorists to Muslims in Rakhine State and other part of Myanmar left more than 160,000 Rohigya homeless 400 over people killed according to report of a foreign country.

Another attack to Muslims in Meikthila killed more than 100 Muslims and all these violence and killing happen just after Thein Sein’s government came to power and now they are under huge international pressure and need to come out with some propaganda to deceive the international community which is old method of previous junta, that there is freedom of religious and no discrimination policy. It seems that former ambassador, U Hla Maung has been assigned to set up a plot to manipulate and deceive to international community.

United State of America, UK and French etc have voiced out their grave concern to violence attacks to Muslims in Myanmar and warn Thein Sein’s government to address and stop immediately.

Thein Sein’s government had set up Muti-religious understanding and harmony group in 2008.But instead of addressing religious conflicts and sort out misunderstanding among different religious,the government is using up such group as a tool to manipulate and serve their cause for dressing up their dirty image.

During the Meitthila massacre, which shocked the world government sponsored Muti-religious group issued statement which is not addressing root cause and grave impact to victims. Instead they are covering up government blunder to protect Muslims if not government implicit collusion according to some diplomatic circles.For issuing such statement,the group was awarded by the president on the same day Muslim’s houses and mosques were burned down and destroyed in Oakkan, Western Bago Division.

To make the world know about there is no religious freedom, Muslims in Myanmar did not celebrate Eid Adha, which is gazetted public holiday in 2012 according to advice and agreement of all 5 Muslims leading organizations in Myanmar.

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