Luyechun Nwe Nwe Tin and I

ImageI had wrote that Nwe Nwe Tin’s interview and pictures published in the Mdy newspaper (?Han Thar Waddy) had inspired me to become LYC. Later we were together as she got LYC from 4 BEHS in 10 th. Std. Dolly Lin @ Thin Thin Lin 9th. Std from 8 BEHS (Convent.) Than Win and I from 9 BEHS (St. Peters): TW 7th. Std and I 8th. Std. We all are Mdy LYCs. We met again in IMM as students and later working together as Demonstrators in the same Anatomy Dept of IMM. (Dolly Lin migrated to ?Hong Kong at the time and now in ?USA)

LYC NNT, LYC TW, my best friend Rakhine Buddhist Dr Min Nyan and I were so closed that we used to go to the tea shop about at least a day and met at my house frequently and esp at our Eid days.

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