LYC Dr. Thin Thin Linn and I


FB of Dr. Rita Kong in LYC Group

Dr U Kyaw Win, Dr Thin Thin Lin, Prof Daw Myint Myint Aye,Dr Soe Ni, Dr Win Myint Aung, Dr Naing Aung Moe, Dr Mar Mar Win at BMDG Reunion in LA, Sept 2009. 4 Luyechun in the picture.


Ma Thin Thin Lin is neurologist in San Francisco. I have talked to her prior to the reunion.

Prof. Daw Myint Myint Aye was one of my best teacher. Dr Kyaw Win was one yr senior to me and we were together since St Peters. Thin Thin Lin got LYC together with me for few times.
We met first time as Mdy LYCs, she was 9th. Std, Than Win 7th and I 8th. Std. She and I had raised the flag at Student Festival Sports held in Mdy. Our news pic was published in newspapers and shown the news movie as trailer before movies in the cinema. We were together in IMM.
Dr Kyaw Win’s brother is Physician Dr U Kyaw Myint, who I met as my lecturer when I was in Final year. He later became the Minister. They stayed in 27th. street and I was in 30th. street Mdy. I met their another brother who was an Engineer working in PETRONAS when I came to KL 27 yrs ago. He passed away with Ca liver.
68 LYC

Outstanding Students (LuYeChuns) were selected from Universities for Training Camps in Inlay and Yangon in 1968. Twelve were from three Institutes of Medicine:
Standing (Left to right): Khin Maung Oo (IM1), Kyaw Thin (IM2), Than Swe (IMM), two National football selected sportsmen, Linn Aung Thet (IM1), Thant Lwin Maung (IM2), Kyan Aung (IMM), Khin Maung Han (IM1).
Sitting: Win Win Myint (IMM), Maw Maw Win (IM2), Khin Ohn Han (IM1), Thin Thin Linn (IMM), May Kyi Nyein (IM2). This photo was taken in the premises of Prome (Pyi) Hall on the Pyi Road, Yangon.

Ko Ko Gyi TQ saya…Is Win Win Myint the Cardiologist Dr Win Win Myint?

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