Muslim Luyechuns or Outstanding Students


Dr Htek Myek>>> Asso. Prof. Daw Win Win Myint, Chief Physician. Medical Ward. Muslim Free Hospital. YANGON.

KKG>I met her at Mu3 when I was House Surgeon. Last year I went to see her at IJN (National Heart Institute) KL twice when she accompanied her sister to be treated here.

Dr Nay Oo>> I didn’t know she was LYC back then.

I didn’t noticed and asked about LYC life of her initially and then she made confirmation when I asked her to tell.

လူရည်ချွန်အများစုဟာ ကိုယ်လူရည်ချွန်ပါလို့ အမေးအမြန်း မရှိရင် ဖွင့်ဆိုကြေညာလေ့ မရှိကြပါဘူးနော်။
ကိုယ်တွေဟာ အခွင့်ထူးခံမဟုတ်၊
ဘယ်အဖွဲ့အစည်းရဲ့မွေးစားခံ၊သြဇာခံမဟုတ်ဘဲ တိုင်းပြည်ကိုချစ်တတ်ပြီး တတ်နိုင်သလို ပေးဆပ်ဖို့ ရည်ရွယ်စိတ်ထားသူတွေပါ။ အခြေအနေ အကြောင်းအမျိုးမျိုးကြောင့် ကင်းကွာသွားရသူတွေမှာတောင် လူရည်ချွန်စိတ်ဓါတ်ရှိနေတာကို ဒီလူရည်ချွန်စာမျက်နှာတွေမှာ တွေ့နေရပါတယ်။

1964 Ngapali

From Dr. U Kyan Aung’s FB

Outstanding Students (LuYeChuns) were selected from Universities for Training Camps in Inlay and Yangon in 1968.

Twelve were from three Institutes of Medicine:
Standing (Left to right): Khin Maung Oo (IM1), Kyaw Thin (IM2), Than Swe (IMM), two National football selected sportsmen, Linn Aung Thet (IM1), Thant Lwin Maung (IM2), Kyan Aung (IMM), Khin Maung Han (IM1).
Sitting: Win Win Myint (IMM), Maw Maw Win (IM2), Khin Ohn Han (IM1), Thin Thin Linn (IMM), May Kyi Nyein (IM2). This photo was taken in the premises of Prome (Pyi) Hall on the Pyi Road, Yangon.

Farida Shwe Sin Kyu


She is a Muslim LUC from Myitthar, Mandalay .

Now working at Plan International Myanmar, Senior Finance Manager and DanChurchAid – Myanamr.
She is actively working to help Muslim Refugees in camps and with other Welfare organizations.

Dr KamalDr Kamal Hussein got LYC from BESH Maungdaw studied at Institute of Medicine 2, Myanmar and got MSc Computer Science from UKM, National University of Malaysia. I first met him at ABIM, where he was working as an Rohingya section officer. I introduced him to UM Parasitology Professor Dr Anwar and he was appointed as Team Manager of the Foreign Workers’ Health Research. After that my brother-in-law Dr Nay Aung Kyaw told me that his boss, Director of the UKM Student/Staff Clinic is eager to get a Myanmar Doctor. I persuaded Dr NAK to lobby for Dr Kamal. On the Interview, I drive my car and sent him to UKM. He got the job for more than 10 yrs. Later he went to Australia and request for Asylum and was granted a refugee status within 3 months and got the citizenship 2 years later. He bought a Proton Saga using my name and his telephone/Internet connection was with my son’s name. If not he could not get the car lone immediately before starting a regular job and Telekom asked him to deposit RM 1500.00 as a Foreigner. My son used his red IC to avoid that high deposit.

May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'လူရည်ချွန်အမှတ် ၆၀၄ ဒေါက်တာကိုကိုကြီး ၁၉၆၆၊ ၁၉၆၈၊ ၁၉၇၀၊ ၁၉၇၁၊ ၁၉၇၂ တန်း၊ ၁၀ တန်း၊ ပနှစ်၊ ဒုနှစ် (ငယ်)၊ ဒုနှစ် ၅ ကြိမ်၊ ၃ ထပ်ကွမ်း -အထက ၉ မန္တလေး၊ ဆေးတက္ကသိုလ် (မန္တလေး) ညညန M.B.,B.S GENERAL PRACTITIONER, MALAYSIA: TAMAN PERMATA 53300, KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia.'

FB of Dr. Judy Aye‘s photo from LYC Group

CMကလဲရစ္မား။SHS 2 လားရႈိး

ကလဲရစ်မား။SHS 2 လားရှိုး

I asked>Most of the Mahs are Panthays. I may be wrong. Do you know who she is?
LYC Ms Judy Aye replied: yes, she’s Panthay. sis of 3T LYC Corlin Mah.
Ko Ko Gyi> TQ very much. I heard 3T LYC Corlin Mah is in Taiwan.

Ko Ko Gyi So there are quite a good share of Muslim LYCs…As far as I know, U Sein Win (KL, Former Radio TV Malaysia and University Malaya), Dr Kamal Hussein (Australia), Dr Khin Mg Tint (Meikhtila-later Shwebo and now in Ygn) and his wife Panthay Maths LYC (sister of Paed Surgeon Dr U Myo Nyunt), Farida Shwe Sin, late Paed Surgeon from Tharwaddy and I. FYI Dr KMT met his wife at Inlay LYC camp in 1968 and later married. In 1989 he came to KL and stayed in my house for one month.  Now I met his niece doctor Lae Lae who is working in HUKM KL.
There are at least 4 Panthays or Chinese Muslims amongst us: Dr. Kyaw Kyaw (Nephrologist in MGH, also a Panthay), Dr Khin Mg Tint’s wife (I mentioned above), Dr. Corlin Mah and Dr. ကလဲရစ္မား.
And Myanmar Muslim LYC Dr Khin Mg Tint and I are also married to Panthay ladies.
I am proud that U Sein Win is my brother-in-law (married to a Chinese Muslim) and Dr. Kyaw Kyaw (Professor Head Nephrology MGH) is related to my wife and brother-in-law of my youngest brother, Dr Khin Mg Htway, Professor Head of Cardiac Surgery Dpt. MGH.
LYC Dr Thuza Shein>>> Clarice Mah is my friend…8th Std LYC fr Lashio,..
She is a Koekant Panthay…
we’ve met first time at Inlay KaungTai LYC camp in 1972…
n then. we (Clarice Mah, her cousin Helen Yang, Khin Oo Zan, her cousin Khin Kyi Zan & myself ) were classmates in 1973/74 , 10th std A at St. Augustine, Ygn.
Clarice & me studied together again in I.M. 1, Dome. Pyay Rd. fr I was a dental student & she was a medical student…
Dr.HClarice lives in Taunggyi with her family now.
Her hubby is Dr. Win Myint fr KyaingTone who is 2-3 yrs senior to us.,n also a Panthay…
ကိုုကိုုေလး ၁၉၆၅-အ႒မတန္း ၁၉၆၆ နဝမတန္း မႏၱေလးတိုုင္း အမရပူရ အေျခခံပညာအထက္တန္းေက်ာင္း..From Bone Oh village. One yr senior to me at IMM.
And Dr. Khin Mg Kyaw is the brother-in-law of my youngest brother Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon Dr Khin Mg Htway. Dr. Khin Mg Kyaw is also a Panthay Muslim and got LYC from Sagaing.
In this photo: Dr Than Win (half covered by Wah Wah Win Shwe) and Khin Mg Kyaw
1970 luyechuns with Wah Wah Win Shwe, famous actress at that time…I realized that he is a LYC only when Dr Than Win told me last year.
Retired Nephrology Prof Dr. Khin Maung Kyaw & Retired Rector Dr Than Win with Famous actress War War Win Shwe.
I took the photo with my Yashica 120 mm. I was the only person in our LYC camp with the camera. I sold this picture to Dr Than Win with Kyat 2.00. My LYC pictures were damaged in the Mdy Fire. Dr Than Win kindly shared back this picture to me. TQ.
Here is his promotion letter copy as Nephrologist in MGH.
Some fond memory of my old LYC friend late Dr. အောင်ကြည်၊ သာယာဝတီမြို့ ထ-၁ သာယာဝတီ ၁၉၆၈-၆၉ ကွယ်လွန် 2004 နှလုံး ကလေးခွဲစိတ် ပါမောက္ခ…In 1968 we were together most of the time..
While General Tin Oo was meeting us, he was in front of me in the queue line up. Gen Tin Oo asked him from where he came and joked that သာယာဝတီ was famous or rather notorious for the biggest jail, he immediately retorted that သာယာဝတီ is famous for Saya San rebellion. I totally lost contact after few letters with him and shocked last year that he had already passed away. 
My youngest brother Cardiovascular Surgeon Professor Head of Department Dr Khin Maung Htwe wrote:
At IMM he was not only a good Paediatric Surgeon, the best Lecturer but also pioneer to initiate to use Computer in Hospital & Institute. He transferred to Paediatric Surgical Hospital as Prof & Head of IM 1 but he also worked as Head of IM 2 at the same time. He had so many stress and passed away with Acute Myocardial Infarction.
He married with Buddhist women had 2 sons. During in Mandalay he lived as Buddhist. The elder son achieve MMedSc Surgery and MRCS after he gone. Younger son went to Singapore to attend Engineering. He loved me very much. I didn’t know the relation with Bahi Bahi but he knew to me as your younger brother. My eldest son Doe Doe was operated for Acute Appendicitis by him.
Engineer Moe Kyi Pyu

Muslim Luyechuns or Outstanding Students Part 2

From Mabel AdonisEros‘FB

my aunty ❤

Thorn Nay Soe

reostnpodS5376as02 4tYtgayM2i71a5da103l0le94 g3aP r42a5e8cg:  · 

သူ့နာမည်က မ ခင်သန့်စင် … တဲ့။

ခုနေတော့ ဒေါ်ခင်သန့်စင်ပေါ့လေ။

၁၉၆၅ လူရည်ချွန်စီမံကိန်း ဒုတိယနှစ်။

ငပလီစခန်းမှာ လုပ်တဲ့နှစ်က

လူရည်ချွန်ဖြစ်တဲ့ မိန်းကလေး။


အရမ်း ထူးချွန်ထက်မြက်သူပေါ့။

နောက်ပိုင်း …

လသာ ၂မှာ အထက်တန်းပြဆရာမ


သူ့မှာ သားလေးတယောက်ရှိတယ်။

နာမည်ကျော် မင်းသားချောလေး။

… ရဲတိုက် တဲ့။

အခုတော့ သူ့သားလေးခမျာ

အချုပ်အနှောင်ထဲမှာ …

Aye Nandar Than

လသာ၂ မှာ senior အမတွေ သင်ဖူးတယ်။ ရဲတိုက် အမေဆိုတာ သိတဲ့သူရှားတယ်။ အဲ့ တီချယ်က ရဲတိုက် ဘယ်အရွယ်မှာ ALLAH အမိန့်ခံသွားတာလည်း။ မျက်နှာလေးက အရမ်းအေးချမ်း

Mabel AdonisEros

 အန်တီက အသက်၄၄။ ၁၉၉၅ခုနစ်ကဆုံးတာ။ ရဲတိုက်က ၁၅နှစ်ဝန်းကျင်လောက်ကထင်တယ်။ ရဲတိုက်က ၄၀ကျော်ပြီ။

ဦးထွန်းနိုင် ကလော gtiဆင်း 76 u tun naing

လူရည်ချွန် ၃ကြိမ် ရ

တောင်ငူမြို့ က

အလယ်က ပါပါ ဘေးကအမား အစွန်က အပါ့ သူငယ်ချင်း ဦးထွန်းရှင် by his son Han Htun

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3 Responses to “Muslim Luyechuns or Outstanding Students”

  1. drkokogyi Says:

    Mawn Sam @ Ko Ko Gyi- Don’t you remember Clarice, ah Ko? I first noticed you on the first evening of Ygn LYC camp in “72 ’cause when dinner for Clarice was not hala ( for 786), you came and arranged it for her…

    Ko Ko Gyi @ Mawn Sam, I am 64 yrs and my brain is deteriorating..I totally forgot all those. But when I asked my wife (Panthay) and her nephew who is working for me, they know her brother Dr Corlin Mah and parents. Close friends of my sis in law.

    Ko Ko Gyi I just remembered that I was Su Hmu at that time and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s physician/Surgeon Dr. Tin Myo Win was Khwae Hmu at that camp. We never met after this. Could anyone invite Dr. Tin Myo Win to our LYC group? I have wrote a letter to him last year, when one NGO from here wish to see Daw Suu. I don’t know whether he got the letter or not. I had given one letter into the hand of my bro-in-law Dr Ko Ko Tin (Ophthalmologist) when he was visiting KL and another copy to that NGO. Because Dr KKT had given thro’ another doctor and NGO never get a chance to even try to made appointment as they rushed to the disaster area.

    Thuza Shein Mawn Sam… မမေရ အဲ႔ဒီေန႔က အျဖစ္အပ်က္ကို သူဇာလဲ မွတ္မိေနတယ္… ဝင္ေျဖရွင္းေပးတဲ႔သူက ဆရာဦးကိုကိုႀကီးမွန္းေတာ့ မသိဘူး။ ဒါေပမဲ႔ ဘဲဥနဲ႔ အဆုံးသတ္သြားတာကို သိလိုက္တယ္။ သို႔ေသာ္လည္း ကလဲရစ္အေမက ဒီအေရးကို ႀကိဳေတြးမိလို႔ ထည့္ေပးလိုက္တဲ႔ အမဲသား ျပဳတ္ေထာင္္းေက်ာ္ အစပ္တစ္ဗူးေၾကာင့္ တစ္လမ္းလုံး ေျပလည္သြားပါတယ္။ ကလဲရစ္တြင္မက သူဇာတို႔ပါ အေတာ္ ဟန္က်ၾကတာေပါ့။

  2. drkokogyi Says:

    Thuza Shein ဒီအေၾကာင္းကို ႏွစ္ေပါင္းအေတာ္ၾကာမွ စကားစပ္မိလို႔ ျပန္ေျပာေတာ့ ကလဲရစ္က အ့ံၾသသြားၿပီး သူ မမွတ္မိေတာ့ဘူးတဲ႔။
    ျဖစ္မွ ျဖစ္ရေလေနာ္။
    သူဇာကေတာ့ သူ႕အိမ္က ထဲ႔ေပးလိုက္တဲ႔… လူရည္ခြ်န္ နို႔မႈန္႔ဗူးႀကီးထဲမွာ ပလပ္စတစ္အိတ္ တစ္ထပ္ခံထဲ႔ေပးလိုက္လို႔… ေပ်ာ့မသြားပဲ တစ္လမ္းလံုး စားေကာင္းေနတာကိုပါ မွတ္မိေနတယ္။ 🙂

  3. drkokogyi Says:

    Thuza Shein ဒီအေၾကာင္းကို ႏွစ္ေပါင္းအေတာ္ၾကာမွ စကားစပ္မိလို႔ ျပန္ေျပာေတာ့ ကလဲရစ္က အ့ံၾသသြားၿပီး သူ မမွတ္မိေတာ့ဘူးတဲ႔။
    ျဖစ္မွ ျဖစ္ရေလေနာ္။
    သူဇာကေတာ့ သူ႕အိမ္က ထဲ႔ေပးလိုက္တဲ႔… လူရည္ခြ်န္ နို႔မႈန္႔ဗူးႀကီးထဲမွာ ပလပ္စတစ္အိတ္ တစ္ထပ္ခံထဲ႔ေပးလိုက္လို႔… ေပ်ာ့မသြားပဲ တစ္လမ္းလံုး စားေကာင္းေနတာကိုပါ မွတ္မိေနတယ္။
    4 hours ago via mobile · Unlike · 2
    Thuza Shein ခြဲမွဴး ကိုတင္မ်ိဳးဝင္းနဲ႔ ပတ္သက္ၿပီး မွတ္မိေနတာကေတာ့…သႀကၤန္တြင္းႀကီး သူ ေနမေကာင္းျဖစ္ေနလို႔… သူမ်ားေတြ သႀကၤန္ေလ်ွာက္လယ္ ေရပက္ အရမ္း ေပ်ာ္ေနၾကတဲ႔အခ်ိန္မွာ… အေဆာင္က ေဆးခန္းမွာ မအိပ္နိုင္ပဲ ငုတ္တုတ္ေလးထိုင္ၿပီး က်န္ေနခဲ႔ရတာကိုပါ။
    4 hours ago via mobile · Unlike · 2
    Mawn Sam That’s why I say you’re smart, Nyi ma lay Thuzar Shein . You can still remember almost every detail. Yeah.. all kinds of everything reminds us of the LYC life. Right? In those days,Ah ma – Ma Thin Thin Linn, Ah Ko Tin Myo Win,Ah Ko – Ko Ko Gyi, Ko Than Win ….were the persons we envied. For me it seemed like just yesterday. All are still fresh. Miss them much.

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