Reminder to the WordPress owners to control their greediness to get a WIN-WIN situation for all

Reminder to the WordPress owners.
My Dr Ko Ko Gyi blog and Dr San Oo Aung blogs, each getting the HITs about 900 Thousand and daily hit about roughly one thousand respectively…which generate a lot of ADVERTISEMENT INCOME to you.

If you became greedy and giving trouble in publishing new posts, to push me to pay, I need to reconsider my association with WP.

As I am a Human Rights activist, esp for Muslims of Myanmar and all the Democratic forces of Myanmar against the present Myanmar Military Dictator, I might get some negative complaints or reports by the Military affiliated Ultra-Nationalists and Buddhist Extremists.

But I REFRAINED TO publish the news or comments about ISRAEL/JEWS and most of the anti-USA news. I never attack other religions eg Christianity, Jew-ism, Hindi, Buddhist or any religion except Radical Terrorist Buddhists.

If I have to pay…I will pay the sites where I could attack some of your guarded interests …and I may dare to support my Palestinian brothers who I refrained now.

Please control your greediness to get a WIN-WIN situation for all of us.

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