UNSG Ban Ki-moon’s message on the Safety and Security of UN Staff and Associated Personnel

Source : FB of Ko Maung Khin
To the idiots, they must know what UN say on their staff since long time ago.
These kind of stupid things happened under dictators or failed state .
“Let us pledge that we will not bow to those who seek to strike fear in our hearts
by savagely attacking colleagues who are in the field with only the best of intentions
for the communities they sought to serve.
Let us pledge to remember and support those colleagues who are, on a daily basis,
working in the face of very real dangers to their lives and health”

– UN Human Rights Chief, Navi Pillay

“At the outset of my tenure, let me assure you that I attach the
highest importance to ensuring that UN staff have the safety and
security they need to carry out their vital missions.

Effective security management, responsive and accountable, cannot be
an afterthought or be short-changed in our budgeting. It is a core
aspect of our global operations, which we must always strive to improve.”

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in a message to the Seventh Summit on the Safety
and Security of UN Staff and Associated Personnel 16 January 2007

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