My parent’s wedding

My parents

My parent’s wedding about 66 yr ago.

U Aung Min @ Sheik Mohamad Zafrudin and Daw Khin Nyunt @ Hajima Kulsom Bi.

FYI . My original name was Nyunt Aung, taken one word each from my parent’s names. Only at the time of schooling at Kalaw, my name was forced to change by my younger brother. I was staying with grandma in Mdy and later join the family in Meikhtila…(My grandma and I shifted to stay together with my parents and my brothers.) and even studied at the schools there with my old name. When we all transferred to Kalaw, my brother who was called KO KO insist to keep his name when he started school. So my parents decided to register him as Ko Ko Lay and my name changed to Ko Ko Gyi. I felt “Ah Nar Dae” on every time when I have to tell my name to friends, elders and teachers…as the name is a little bit “See Boe Dae”…Felt bad, uneasy and even ashamed…Now only I am old enough and feel free to tell my name Ko Ko Gyi without any embarrassment.

2 Responses to “My parent’s wedding”

  1. Alan CY Kok Says:

    Nice nostalgic wedding picture of the early years. Chinese people believe ancestral worship will bring in wealth (they didn’t care much
    about health-as I see it) and prosperity and the legacy will last….therefore they display parents’ old picture at the praying altar.
    Wedding picture of Dr Ko Ko Gyi’s parents is very Asian, very traditional even they donned Western dress. Guess the head gears were Burmese. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dear Daryn and Keydin…these are my grand-parents and are your Great-great-grand-parents | Dr. Abdul Rahman Zafrudin @ Ko Ko Gyi Says:

    […] My parent’s wedding […]

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