Who or what do you want to be…Anti or Pro?

One STUPID Foreign Ministry official in KL told my far relative that I am writing Anti-s.
Yes, I am anti-Dictator…I hope he is Pro-Dictator.
I am Anti-Racist and he may be Pro-Racist.
I am anti-Genocide activist but he looks like Pro-Genocide person.
I am anti-Ethnic Cleansing activist and he may be Pro-Ethnic Cleansing supporter.
I am an anti-Religious Cleansing Activist but he is a Pro-Religious Cleansing person.
I wrote anti-Hate Speech postings and he wrote Pro-Hate Speech articles and comments.
I propagate anti-Military dominance doctrine and he clearly is Pro-Military dominance person.
I am anti-mass murdering and he is Pro-mass murder.
I am anti-Ne Win, anti-Than Shwe but he is Pro-Ne Win and Pro-Than Shwe.
I promote anti-racial discrimination but he looks like Pro-racial discriminator.
I also promote anti-religious discrimination but he may be a pro-religious discrimination.
I am an Anti-Terrorist but he became Pro-Terrorism.
I am anti-969 and he is Pro-969.
I am anti-hardliner but he is pro-hardliner.
I am ant-crime person but he is pro-criminal.

So friends…who do you want to be?
Anti like me or PRO like that IDIOT criminal, a potential ICC candidate.

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One Response to “Who or what do you want to be…Anti or Pro?”

  1. drkokogyi Says:

    He is just an Enterovius Vermicularis (in Myanmar a very small Tote Kaung…not a big Tape worm or Ascaris lumbricoides or common Intestinal worm.) Ref: Qing Minya’s postings.

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