LYC Dr. Daw Nwe Nwe Tint and I (2)


Source:FB of Dr. Daw Tint Tint Kyi

I HEREBY ADMIT THAT I NEVER GET THE PERMISSION OF MY FRIENDS, Dr Sai Kham Leik and Dr. Nwe Nwe Tin to use their names and songs for my series of “Dear Nan letters”. If any problem with the law, because of those articles, Dr Sai Kham Leik and Dr. Nwe Nwe Tin are not responsible at all and I am the responsible person to face the music.

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Dear ma ma…I even took your name and Dr SKL name, reversed front and back and male/female and made into actors, Ko Tin Nwe and Nam Sai Kham…to write a long article based on Myanmar History and politics…I wrote an apology for not asking permission from 2 of you, at the footnote, explaining how I took your names. I used lyrics from Dr Sai Kham Leik songs as a theme. Actually I wrote as if an estranged Bama husband’s love letters to his Shan wife…not to divorse from him..Symbolic names of historical places, states, politicians and events were used…actually a political plea to Shan State not to seek Independence from Union of Myanmar. I first wrote in English and managed to translate few letters into Burmese. I will search and give links later as the original posting was in Burma Digest which was attacked and damaged by virus….My sincere apology to two of you for using your names and lyrics of the songs. But I am sure you will love the story line, background history and my good aim for the Union of Burma.

I even continue your name IN REVERSE..i.e. Ko Tin Nwe as one of my Pseudonym and wrote few articles….When I wrote those letters (series) I even sometimes cries with the feeling because I tried to put my self in the shoes of the actors. Although I am not a good story teller nor a good writer I felt and try like India‘s former PM Neruh’s letter from the jail to his daughter, Indera Ghandi, rewriting the whole of India’s history. I tried to write the Myanmar history like a story telling as a background for the political article of 1990’s of Myanmar….

My First Letter in that series >>>A Valentine Music DVD with Love for Dear Nan Sai [ My apology to Ma Ma and Dr Sai Kham Leik in that letter by my Pseudonym, Bo Aung Din:] I hereby sincerely wish to apologize, Hso Kham Hpa for using his name as Ko Tin Ngwe’s father-in-law. It is actually not totally wrong as Ko Ti Ngwe represents Burma/Myanmar and Nan Sai Kham represents Shan State and as Hso Kham Hpa is the virtual head of Shan State. And I also want to apologize Dr Sai Kham Leik and Dr Ngwe Ngwe Tin also for using their names, of course as in reverse gender. I also could not ask permission to use his songs. And I had never attempted to translate his songs word by word, sentence by sentence. I just write down my feelings of the songs while I try to write this article. And some of the songs were written by other composers. I hope all of you could understand and forgive me for all the above, because I am blinded with the love for our country and Shan State.@…/

I wrote the whole history of Myanmar and later ended with this “Zat Paung Khan” or explaination>>>…/

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