Myanmar schools to reintroduce outstanding student programme

Myanmar schools to reintroduce outstanding student programme

16 December 2012

1968 LYC

My LYC badges were lost.
Minn Min invented back a 1968 LYC badge for me from the EMG picture.

Medals awarded to outstanding students in 1969

Myanmar schools will restart the programme to select outstanding students starting from the 2012-2013 academic year, Aung Ko Ko, principal of Basic Education High School No.1 Dagon, said last Friday.

Aung Ko Ko said each schools will pick two students – one male and one female – to compete at the township level and district level in Myanmar language, English, general knowledge covering physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics, physical fitness and oral exam.


The district level exam will start next month. There are 67 districts in Myanmar and outstanding students from the 7th standard to the 10th standard will be selected at each standard level for each district.

The selected students from middle school and high school levels will be sent on study trips and holiday trips.

University students will also be selected for the programme in the future.

The outstanding student programme was founded by the Union Revolutionary Council in 1964. It was halted for over 30 years after State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) seized power in 1988.

According to Aung Kyi Win, a retired chief researcher from Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise who received the outstanding student award from 1966 to 1969, three types of outstanding students existed in the past. For the first type, an outstanding student was selected out of all the districts in the country.

Although the student was not awarded any money, he or she was given the chance to go on a one-month trip during the school holidays. The student would receive a university scholarship if selected as an outstanding student for three years in a row.

The second type was the outstanding student in science award where the student is selected if he or she achieves distinction in physics, chemistry, and mathematics. The selected student will receive a university scholarship if he or she majors in one of the three subjects.

The last type was the outstanding student in mathematics award. The top 10 students in mathematics from all over the country were given the awards.

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