We must accept that ALL the different individuals of different groups, sects, political affiliation, from different places MUST work for all the Muslims from Myanmar i.e. ONE aim and object: One Islam, ONE Muslim, ONE ALLAH.
This is ALL FOR ONE. ONE FOR ALL concept.

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We need unity.
We need to work together.
We need to forgive and forget others’ faults.
Even if we don’t agree with others, no need to denounce others publicly. We can decide to opt out or stay away from their projects.
But we need to think how could we help them or USE them for OUR projects for the benefit for us.
We must understand that it is very difficult to change OTHERS.
We need to change our concept on others and adapt ourselves.
Yes, I also need to change myself first.
We need to change ourselves to accept the diversity, people different to us, different to our way of dressing, different from our group, different sects, different ethnicity, different race etc..
Yes, we need to even try to persuade or USE our previous enemies TO FIT IN OUR MAIN OBJECTIVE or our projects or our programmes.

We must respect our beloved non-Muslim friends 

We all Muslims know and accept that we need to nurture friends from non-Muslims.

We cannot and should not made or force all the non-Muslims into the ENEMIES OF ISLAM.

We are complaining of near-universal Islamophobia but we need to discard our FOBIA of ALL the non-Muslims.

Although Non-believers (of Islam or Allah) is literally Kafir we must understand that all the non-Muslims regarded that word as an INSULT to them.

Why not simply try to call them as our beloved non-Muslim friends? You could clearly notice the total difference in their response. I am not trying to tell you to CHEAT them with sugar coated words. But we really need their understanding, love, cooperation and help for all the Muslims’ cause.

Do you remember the Jewish-American university student, Rachel Aliene Corrie, peace activistand member of the pro-Palestinian group called International Solidarity Movement (ISM).  She was crushed to death by an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) armored bulldozer in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. [Read @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rachel_Corrie]

And that even Iran had named a street for Rachel Corrie?


How about the Genocide Hunter Jews helping our Muslim brothers, Rohingyas and Myanmar Muslims to file at ICC?

How about Dr Maung Zarni doing a very good job for the Rohingyaa and Myanmar Muslims?

We should not forget the good teachings of the Monk Dr. Sandadika  အရွင္ဆႏၵာဓိက saying that the Muslims could be his relatives in other lives of reincarnation.

Some of my friends may have some objections, pessimistic views or questions or suspicions on some of the persons I mentioned above. But they are generally good and their works had helped the Muslims. If we try to just find fault, we could see a lot of faults, imperfectness in all of us. After all we all are human beings.

Misunderstandings on fellow Muslims

Now all of us try to consider something out of box or what we call thinking out of the box.

What do you want to do with the following persons?

One doctor staying in Malaysia has almost excellent relations with SUCCESSIVE Myanmar Embassy and Military Attaché Offices from the Ambassadors, First/Second/Third Secretaries, clerks, sergeants, Intelligent Agents and their families etc for 25 years. He had once “stupidly” advised the Rohingyas to accept the Myanmar Government’s proposal to change their name to “Bengali” as a temporary measure which may deprive them from their claim as a Tine Yin Thar but may facilitate getting citizenship. Advising them to be patient and after getting National Registration Cards and later at a more suitable time when we enjoy more democracy to try to change back to their original name, Rohingya….He was called a TRAITOR of Rohingya cause and was slammed repeatedly…Who is he?

He is not other person but I. In spite of few hundreds of pro-Rohingya postings and articles I was mercilessly attacked again because of the letter offering treatment for the Letpadaung Fire-bomb attacked burnt monks, I was attacked by numerous people from both side of political and religious divide.

Think about the fate of the late Malavi U Hla Maung, chairman of Mandalay Division Ulama Association, being called a Kafir after he donated the Mandalay Chief Monks and signed the peace agreement. Kindly just read his brave and brilliant words he told to the authorities here က်ြန္ေတာ္ႀကားဘူးေသာ……. ေရြွစကားမ်ား….(၂)

How about the Deobandi Indianized Ulamas and Tablīgh leaders and members?

How about the Burmanized Islamic Council leaders and members?

How about the Shias, Kardianis, Parwaizis?

How about rivalry between Sayar U Aye Lwin, Dr. U Myint Thein, Sayar Akhbar Shah and U Wanna Shwe etc and their respective followers.

How about the students or products of Sayar Gyi U Pone and Sayar Gyi Zone?

How about Indian-sub-continent gangs and Al-Azhar gangs?

How about the Mandalay Muslim brothers associated with 2007 Saffron Revolution Monks? They are SMAR Nyi Nyi and Maung Maung (Shwe Keraweik).

One of them, Maung Maung seems to be very friendly with the notorious monk Wirathu? He was even misunderstood as 969 Wirathu’s agent sent to Malaysia and was targeted by some Rohingyas to be killed.

How about Dimond Shwe Kyi who allegedly signed a peace agreement with Wirathu?

All the Muslims including me are angry with him. If he comes clean with his dealings with Wirathu and approach the 5 Muslim organizations, even if we could not forgive his alleged sins, if he switch sides and wish to work for the benefit of Muslims, what should we do?

Although we should not forgive him if he continues to allow himself to be used by the enemies of Islam to defuse the international pressure on Wirathu led 969 for their atrocities against Muslims of Myanmar it may be better if we could use Dimond Shwe Kyi or guide him for the benefit of all the Muslims.

Former Ambassador H.E. U Hla Maung

Now, allow me to write about the Former Ambassador H.E. U Hla Maung.

Most of my friends, including me, were angry with him because of the report alleging him trying to coerce or applying soft pressure on to the Five Muslim Groups’ leaders to persuade the Foreign Embassies especially Muslim Countries and OIC not to press for the ICC case against Myanmar Government. The reports said that they were mildly threatened to announce that there were no discrimination nor any atrocities committed on Muslims of Myanmar. Some even called him Munafik and accusing him of using Islam for his political and economic gains. Some of the Muslims even threatened him with bodily harm and even with his life.

But I have heard his side of the story, his worries, his love for the religion, love for the Muslims and efforts for the Rohingyas and Myanmar Muslims. I cannot reveal all as it may be dangerous for him and not appropriate to reveal openly as some are related to direct dealing with top government officials including the President U Thein Sein.

I believe that most of our friends would not be able to believe to or agree with what I am writing.

But I strongly believe now that we should not judge and punish him but leave it in the hands of Allah, Who knows all.

I hope that my friends could accept my pragmatic approach to deal with all those Muslims who are different from us and we could not agree.

We do not need to be the servants or followers of them. You all do not need to support any one including me if you don’t agree.

But please kindly refrain from name calling, physical assault, threatening or even denouncing in the media or publically. You could try to approach by various means and try to persuade them to our cause. If we fail, let anyone do what they like but try politely and mildly to remind others not to follow that allegedly perceived wrong path.

But in the H.E. U Hla Maung’s case, I hope that instead of making him our enemy, we should try to use him for the benefit of all the Muslims from Myanmar.

We need to use Diplomatic ways on this former Diplomat who has good relations with the present government. We need to keep this honorable Myanmar Muslim with the good connection to the present government leaders including the President as a valuable HOT LINE of Muslims from Myanmar. I believe that although we have other capable Muslim leaders who could work as this kind of work e.g. USDP Rohingya MP U Shwe Maung, Islamic Council President U Nyunt Maung Shein and etc. but it is important to maintain all the possible options of the lines of communication.

I hereby advice my good friends and various Muslim organization leaders to try to contact, talk, discuss, work together, directly with H.E. U Hla Maung. Or you all could contact him through one of our prominent efficient leader Saya U Aye Lwin for any requests, demands, and appeals regarding Muslims of Myanmar. Or just send to me the letters or facts and I will try to send the message to H.E. U Hla Maung.

But every time when I ask help from other human beings, I always remember one teaching of Islam. Allah swt was angry when His Prophet Yusof Nabi asked help from his fellow prisoner to appeal to the king for his release from prison, instead of asking directly to Him. The man forgot the plea for many years. So I always pray to Allah to help me and acknowledge that my wishes that I am asking for help through the friends could be fulfilled only if Allah swt agreed and granted.

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