RNDP journal: Dare not to think about Co-existent

Title : Dare not to think about Co-existent

It translated piece of editorial page in RNDP journal issued in Oct 2012..they even cited Hitler and Echimen as German hero..

My FRIEND in Singapore translated this.

There are many discussions going on at every corner of towns, tea shop, bar, food stalls,even vegetables seller in streets like a story of thriller movie,weather to co-exist or split with Rakhine and Kalar ( Kalar refer to discriminated word to Rohingya). 75 years ago just before Burma got liberation, there was the same issue of co-exist or split with India. But then all Burmese unitedly voiced out to split from India.

But now is different situation from then.We heard about in USSR there is also policy of Nikita Khrushchev to co-exist peacefully with Capitalism.But Nikita Khrushchev policy of co-exist cannot adopt situation in Rankine State.

All Rakhine people want is peace.Rakhine people dream of permanent peace.That’s is why we need to draw territorial line between human and monsters( refer to Rohingya).No need to think so much,there will be definitely more killing of each other if we have to co-exist.

We do not know to grateful to who for current situation that we are in( sarcastically saying),they( refer central government) deployed army and Lone Htein( riot squad ) in Min Gan Village and closed roads to Inbarlar quarter ( guess refer to Aung Mingalar in Sittwe where many Rohingyas live). We do not know how long Army and riot squad can stationed there. Once army and riot squad left,local Rakhines there will be in dangerous position.That is the reason, influential figures and monks in Sittwe are demanding to authority to move Rohingyas from Inbarlar.

We cannot get peace by working from our side only.To get proper peace both parties must have mutual understanding and confidence in each other.Now Rakhines are encountering hit and run attacks from invisible enemies.We can’t see who and where enemies are.

Villagers in nearby villages of Buthitaung, Maungtaw, Rathittaung are rely on fishing in rivers and plantations at available land around there for their living. Now they are not able to work and having difficulties to meet the end needs.Help from NGO and government are not sufficient.For those whose house were burnt down are considered as refugees and able to get help and assistant but for those houses were not burnt down but not able to work due to fear of Karlar (Rohaingay) attack are in so much difficulties to make a living.If situation keep on like that we can not imagine how bad would be the future of Rakhine State.

In Rakhine State,fishing and plantation are only two industry which majority of people rely on for living.Since they are not able work to earn regular income,who is going to pay for their children education and health care for themselves.

Now stability is only achieved by present of army and riot squad and not by civil administration. Section 144 ( act to control riot, not to gather more than 5 people etc ) is still in place and security is still very tight.We argue state government to demand to central and national government to withdrawal Section 144 and removed army and riot squad. Central and national government must to give in to what people want in Rakhinke State we do not care the pressure from central government.It was previous which failed to act according to rule of law cause such crisis in Rankine State. Now they seem to do the same again.Anyway central government must give in to what people want and we will strive for it.If we do not sort this out now, in history new generation will blame us for relaying such problem to them.We will be seen as irresponsible and coward by coming generation. We have to strive with our utmost capacity and sacrifice when necessary to defend our Buddhist nation, our culture and tradition.This is our historic duty.

In 1997 Deng Xiaopang of China set out very popular one country two policies system after China took over Hong Kong from UK. That policy work well for bout Hong Kong and China.It was good for sovereignty of China.If they didn’t use such one country two policy by then,China might be big trouble today. A leader of a country make take decisive and brave policy when situation demand.

Adolf Hitler and Adolf Eichmann may be a great enemies for Jews but they are true heroes for German.American had dropped nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Why they did so..? Something such inhumane work help to save sovereignty and people of a country. When they can do such inhumane act to save their country, they cannot accuse us that we are doing inhumane things. We are just saving our people and our sovereignty.

We don’t want to worry the rest of our life by co-exciting with them. We will only take pain and suffer now and temporarily.So please stop tell us to co-exit.



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