MAPIM : Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organization

Press Release MAPIM
3rd October 2013


We are outraged at the current fresh violence against Muslims in Thantwe, Rakhine State.

It is shocking to learn from The Burmese Muslim Association (BMA) report of the attack on ethnic Kaman Muslims in Thantwe on 30th September leaving at least 30 lives and has destroyed many homes and properties.

This atrocities is most condemnable. Inciting hatred against religion by the Rakhine mob has become the triggering factor.The inaction by the Myanmar government is deplorable. Even though there have been early warnings, the government has intentionally ignored them, resulting violence to erupt as was expected.

The already known operation, planned by the Rakhine mob, that there will be an arson attack targeted on Muslim villages should have triggered the security to fence the community from any clash.

It is without need for deeper intelligence work on the part of the Myanmar security to sense the imminent violence which the BMA had tried to warn that Muslims in Mandalay and Yangon are targeted.

The anti Muslim violence is clear to the general public in Myanmar. It is obvious that the Myanmar authorities are not ready to curb sectarian violence, leaving the Rakhine mobs to take the law in their own hands.

We regret that the update information released since August 2013 of a build up of tension and anticipated unrest in Thantwe did not result in a pre-emptive action by any international agencies to pressure Myanmar, as violence was imminent.

The situation now is yet another repeat of a premeditated operation to continue the genocide agenda on the Muslims in Myanmar.

The Myanmar government has clearly indicated that its rhetoric of controlling violence will not be implemented as announced by the Foreign Minister and as indicated by Thien Sein, the President of Myanmar. They are obviously not willing to normalize the citizenship rights of the Rohingya Muslims.

We deplore the lukewarm reaction by the UN to initiate a more stern position to pressure Myanmar to show its commitment to stop the genocide and to restore democracy.

We do not see any possibility of a normalization process to be heeded by the Myanmar government as this has not affected their diplomatic relationship with any countries as yet.

Myanmar could only be tamed to submit to the demand of the international community if a concerted political pressure from the UN, OIC, ASEAN member countries is applied.

Unless there is a strong pressure by the international community, Myanmar will proceed with its ethnic cleansing agenda. The UN and other international agencies should stop acting as spectators and deploy a peace keeping troop immediately to protect the defenseless Muslims.

We are reasserting our demand that a stronger measure should be imposed on Myanmar to protect the vulnerable villages especially the Muslim community, that are ever exposed to arson attack.

It is most outrages that the President of Myanmar has responded that the community has to play their role to deal with violence. This response is irresponsible as it is the government that should be in the front line to halt any outbreak of violence.

The slaughtering of a 94 years old Muslim woman who was beaten to death by the Rakhine extremists in Thantwe is enough to show that bloodshed will bound to persist unless the security forces act in accordance to their duty to protect civilian lives.

We condemn the continuous Myanmar media channels who have persistently instigate anti Muslims sentiments, for which it has escalated the violence targeting villages.

We call on the Asean member governments not to delay any further but convene for an emergency meeting of the Foreign Minister to address the tension before it is too late. President U Thein Sein should be warned of a harsher action by the Asean head of governments if the genocide persist.

The UN should immediately issue a reminder to the Myanmar government not to bow to the demands of the Rakhine political parties to form people’s militia at every township in the states. If permitted, there will be a human catastrophe in Myanmar for the Muslim minorities.

We demand that the Foreign Minister U Wunna Maung Lwin who delivered an address to the UN General Assembly in NY and the President, Thein Sein who has also stated similar promise in his trip to UK and France promising that the Government will stop all religious and sectarian violence and not allow derailment of the transition process, must be made to hold responsibility on their words.

If they fail to deliver their commitments, we call all Muslims to unite and to launch a global campaign to protect the lives of their brothers and sisters and also safeguard all mosques in Myanmar from the extremist Rakhine mobs.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

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  1. drkokogyi Says:

    Press Release MAPIM
    1st October 2013


    MAPIM regrets and registers its strong condemnation on the recent report of a fresh violence that had taken place in Thandwe township, Rakhine State, Myanmar on Mon,Sep 30,2013.

    The prevailing ethnic violence by the Rakhine extremist has again targeted a mosque in Kyawk Gyi village and 4 Muslim houses in Nga Kyaw Taung village.

    Information conveyed to us that 2 Muslim houses in Endow village were completely destroyed and set ablaze by the Rakhinese, backed by the notorious Myanmar government in Thandwe township in Rakhine State,Myanmar at 11.00 pm.

    The report even disclosed of a planned Rakhine terrorist attack at 12.00 pm on the September 30th, directed at the villages located on the way from Gwa township to Thandwe township.

    We are outrage at the Myanmar security, again showing its indirect complicity with the terrorist and allowing the genocide to prevail. The ongoing attack is happening with some muslim houses set ablaze.

    MAPIM reassert its unreserve condemnation at the Myanmar government’s ongoing agenda of decimating the Muslim population in the country.

    The inaction less of the UN and the Asean Secretariat is most unacceptable and we demand that the international community act swiftly to avoid another round of massacre targeting the Muslims in general and the Rohingya in particular.

    We cannot understand why there is standstill on the part of the UN Human Rights Council not to push for a sanction on Myanmar as all findings clearly indicate genocide is the policy of the present government.

    Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
    President MAPIM.

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