Pyu Indian Kalars are one of the original races of Bama

Pyu Kalars 1

Pyu Indian Kalars are one of the original races of Bama.
Pyu+Kanyan+Thet= (Present) Bama (mixed blooded Kabyars)
These Hindus were well established in present Myanmar even before some Bama races migrated from China into present place.
And it was long before the First Myanmar Empire, Pagan (Bagan) established by King Anawrattha 1055 AD.

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One Response to “Pyu Indian Kalars are one of the original races of Bama”

  1. nyiwin Says:

    I agree with the Heading.
    However, I disagree with the general trend of thought that began with Luce that Bamars entered current day Myanmar only around 9th century AD.
    The Kayins / Karens have history of migrating through the sea of sand to reach their current day areas and their calendar predates even the Buddhist calendar.
    The Nagas also have a history of migrating from the sea.
    Why, if the Bamars entered en masse into Myanmar only in the 9th century, is that history lost to memory at the time of Anawratha, after only a century or so?
    Who are the original Anyathians whose stone artifacts are present all over and who are the non Pyu and pre Pyu cremated ones unearthed in Nyaungan and elsewhere?
    Why has the Pyu disappeared?
    The Pyu, the ruling class from India, ruled over the local inhabitants, whose distribution would be similar to present day countryside villages (because the cities are inhabited mostly by migrants) until the Pyu nation fell after a war with the Nanchao and several thousands taken along to current day Yunnan as captives. That would be the majority of the ruling class. The remaining few intermarried with the locals and were still mentioned in Inwa chronicles, but none later.
    Where are the English / British that ruled India and Myanmar nowadays? You will see the similarity of the Pyu’s fate.

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