Dr. Tin Myo Win (NLD Daw Suu’s Physician)


Photo- Ko Phyo Gyi

Beside Dr . Pe Thet Khin is surgeon Dr .Tin Myo Win (Daw Suu‘s personal physician) Dr .Tin Myo Win is my contemporary LYC, we were together at those days. He was LYC Khwe Hmuu and I was Suu Hmuu at the 1972 LYC Camp.

Health minister need to take care of his health. Please don’t take as an offense. Nice to see Gov minister and NLD top leader together as LYC friends. This is the way to go…LYC spirit.
When I arrived Malaysia in 1987, Tan Sri Chan Siang Sun was the Health Minister. In 1989, he suddenly collapsed from heart attack in a badminton game. Reference here @ A & B




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2 Responses to “Dr. Tin Myo Win (NLD Daw Suu’s Physician)”

  1. Kyaw Min Says:

    To Douglas,
    I would like to invite you to come to Central High School to see the Alum’s activities since you’re one of the alumni. We’re proud of you. Your coming is laudatory to our works.
    I’m your friend, Zaw Aung’s friend.


    Dear Ah Ko Myo

    Please take good care to Ma Ma Suu

    YIYI- RN


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