Myanmar’s Rohingya: Victims of the Slow-cooking Genocide

Dr. Maung Zarni

F**k the geo-politics, diplomatic niceties and all that pragmatic crap that comes out of ‘respectable’ but intellectually dishonest mouths in the arena of international politics.

Ah, the angry man is swearing again!

You may be able to tell I am a little bit angry about the situation in MY country of birth.

Whatever you call the plight of the Rohingya – ‘crimes against humanity‘, ‘statelessness problem’, ‘ethnic cleansing‘, etc – in your minutely calibrated choices of terms and legal concepts, no entity I know of is doing anything to put an end to the sufferings of the 1.2 million Rohingya.

So, I for one will NOT compromise on the truths – when no amount of international pragmatism will stop the Fascist proto-Capitalist State in Burma – and Nazi Rakhines from carrying on with their joint Genocide.

Let’s just call Myanmar‘s genocide by its own name.

Here is the working title for the essay me and my wife are co-writing.

“Myanmar’s Rohingya:
A People Merely Stateless or Victims of the Slow-cooking Genocide”?

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