My dear best friends that I missed

Source: Cropped from Ko Sonny Kyi‘s picture


My friend Anatomist Dr. Daw Mar Mar Wai Glad to see Ma Su & Kyi Mar. Miss Both of you.
(Dr. Daw Khin Su Mar and Dr. Kyi Kyi Mar, both are OGs)
Ko Ko Gyi Happy to see THREE GREAT “MARS” above.
Dmarmar Wai So you still have the memory of” great Mars
Ko Ko Gyi Of dearest friends who R in great positions. By the way, can I get Dr Aung Min‘s phone number. I dreamt about him, Min Nyan and late Thein Han many times.

99% of my friends, teachers, lecturers, patients, students are non-Muslims; I would not be able to hate them even if I tried my best because I love them from my bottom of my heart. Not only I love them but missed them. I cannot hate all Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Hindus, traditional nat believers, Communists, Free thinkers or non-believers.

American Human Rights Activist Dr. Nora Rowley>>> I suppose that you recognize that the similarities between your friends and you far outweigh the differences and you are accepting of the differences. We are not robots and all have our differences. Same here and for billions of people around the world.

Dr. Thaung Han Myint >>>Hoping for a day when all our Myanmar people ( regardless of race, ethnicity and religion) are happily living together. It is so sad to see and hear these religious violences happening in our country. Wake up Myanmar people. Be open minded and accept diversity.

Dr. Nay Aung Kyaw>>> Well said Akogyi. Unity while accepting diversity,respecting dignity and rights not only of Muslims but of all mankind are the true essence of Islam.

Md Rahim Ullah We should create a better environment to live all human-being in a joyful harmony like before in Myanmar.

My dear friend from Kalaw, Qamar Omar>>> We are human and must respect each other regardless of race or religion,white or black, Rich or poor.Each and everyone have their own value-and we must learn to respect. Because we don’t have Unity and respect to one another – the problem makers are winning.If we keep on fighting among us like this our country will never be successful and our children and grand children time there won’t be Burma anymore.

Anatomist Dr. Khin Thant Zin Are you really sincere? Everybody should respect what another mothers who believes her child is the prettiest..we ahve to learn to live and love each other if there is to be peace in the Gandhi said “an eye for an eye and the whole world will be blind’ Wake up Ko Ko your natural goodself..shake the hatred and love.

Dr KKG>>>Dear Ma Ma Khin Thant Zin, why do you ask whether I am really sincere?

But because you asked I have to answer. Ask Mar Ma Wai, your friend Anatomist what I wrote under her friends’ picture of “3 Great Mars”. I wrote there about my frequent dreams about my best be loved friends:Bama Buddhist Dr aung Min, Rakhine Buddhist Dr. Min Nyan (FYI his brother Dr Shwe Nyan married a Myanmar Muslim doctor who believed to be converted to Buddhism. She was the niece of the very famous and rich Meikhti Myanmar Muslim U Shaufi. That is the reverse of 969 Myo saunk law and against the fear of ultra-Nationalist) By the way, my brother-in-law doctor’s sister was married one of the very famous Bama Buddhist singer, she converted to Buddhism. Children also became famous singers, of course Buddhists. After divorce she became Muslim again but children remains Buddhists. My wife and I have Buddhist relatives. We have good relations and not fighting each other.
And I have opened a very successful clinic with 50-70 patients per-day at Pae Poke Tan in Mandalay, which was near the numerous Buddhist Monasteries: Masoeyein new and old, Third She Ein pin, Mya tawn etc. Most of my patients were monks, relatives of monks who were from villages came to Mdy to stay in monasteries for medical problems. All of my patients were Buddhists and may be 1 or 2 Muslims only in the the whole month.
So why should I hate Buddhists.
I almost forgot to write about my Chinese friend Dr Michael Wan who migrated to US. I always asked about him and searched in Google and FB but could not trace him. We sit side by side since in St. Peter’s High school.
Now also most of my Myanmar patients are Buddhists and Christians: Bamas, Rakhines, Chins, Kachins, Karens etc.
Ms Qamar Omar Actually No-one need to explain whether they are sincere or not. Everyone know themselves so well. If there is love and kindness in our hearts – Race ,religion ,ethnicity or status -nothing can stop you , you are happy and will enjoy anywhere with anyone…Those who are spreading Hatred should go to the Hospital or Old Aged Home then they will know how love is so important and needed by everyone.
Dr. Khin Thant Zin I have known Ko Ko Gyi since 1968-69 for your information…I was just sorry he felt dejected..he should know that old friends sympathize with him no matter what his opinions are..all of us still and will continue to care for him no matter what he has done…right or wrong I dont comment cos it is the person and not his actions we like. I asked him if he was sincere because his writings had so much animosity and I was blurred that there was still this side of him that still care for us..satisfied! Anyway I am happy that I had not lost him.

Ko Ko Gyi My animosity is targeted on 969 ultranationalists, Swarn Arr Shins, Myanmar Military government so that they would change their stand. I wrote in English so that International community would understand and pressure them to change. I think you have missed our group (I was the Chairman) offering to treat the firebombed monks to be treated in Australia. And you have missed my revealation, of course a secret mission revealed later, to bring a pitiful U Wirathu to India to get asylum in USA with the help of my brother Mg Mg. I attacked him relentlessly not because of HATRED but because of love of him/pity him been used by criminal wing of Myanmar Military. They would later made him a scape-goat or a fall guy. He also knew and revealed to my brother. FYI in 27 yrs here…Successive Myanmar Ambassadors, embassy staff, families and some military attaches’ families and officers were (no more since last month) my patients. FOC treatment given. And even Thura Shwe Man’s wife was the SAT in my mother-in-law’s school, and they frequently came to our house to pay respect and presents. I hate the Anti-Muslim propaganda and Racial and Ethnic cleansing BUT not the people and government of Myanmar nor the Monks who I pay great respect and love.

Man proposes and God disposed. The Director General of Medical Education called me a Kalar and remarked that they could not give a Kalar a chance to even attend an Internal Post-graduate course was actually a Blessing in Disguise for me. Even if I were given a chance to start again and offer that place, I would rather come out. I don’t lost but Burma lost my service. But they still don’t care about the brain drain, they want to see Muslims’ brain in the drain. Now I am satisfied with my status esp for my grandchildren. I have successfully removed the obviously visible glass ceiling above their heads. Now if they have a quality and capable they could become ministers, professionals or even PM of Malaysia. I pity non-military affiliated Myanmar ordinary citizens, just look even our beloved Daw Suu is blocked from becoming a President. CASE CLOSED.

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