Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organization, “OIC MEMBER STATES SHOULD RECALL ALL MYANMAR EMBASSIES”

MAPIM : Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organization

Media Release
MAPIM16 th November 2013


We are outraged and we register our strong condemnation against the denigration of Islam by monks in major cities of Myanmar under the pretext of resenting the visit of OIC foreign ministers to Myanmar a few days ago.

Equating Islam to an animal ideology is not only insulting but is also tantamount to declaring war on Islam.

We see this deep hatred towards Muslims and Islam is intentionally orchestrated by officials of the Myanmar government themselves.

We despise the attitude and acts of the Monks carrying banners insulting Islam, associating Islam as a religion of animals.

We are shocked to learn that permission for demonstration was issued by authorities in major cities offering Buddhists to protest the visit. Even one minister was reported taking part in a demonstration against the OIC visit.

We demand that the Myanmar government not to allow this heinous act to prolong as this is seen as a test of patience amongst Muslims globally.

We remind them that a Muslim country like Malaysia has successfully created peaceful coexistence with all non Muslims including Buddhist. All religions are well protected by law. Muslims and other religious faith alike in Malaysia are generally at peace.

Why is the Myanmar government and the monks behaving with such intolerance and hatred in this day of a civilized age.?

What threat is there for Myanmar by the OIC visit ? Unless the Myanmar government is upholding a policy of condoning violence by Buddhist extremist to be witness by OIC leaders.

We call on all the Asean member countries to condemn this unaccepted act by the monks and to pressure the Myanmar government not to bow to the extremist Buddhist by fanning religious hatred and racist intolerance.

We remind the monk extremists,that Muslims will not remain quiet and sit by innocently and allow this disgraceful campaign against Islam to continue without a clear response.

We demand that all Myanmar Embassies in OIC member states with diplomatic relationships Myanmar be recalled.

All Muslim countries must called for a concerted effort to put pressure on the Myanmar government. If this is insufficient, cutting off diplomatic relationship is an option.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM
Secretary General SHURA

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