Myanmar Buddhists are going to destroy Buddhism with the practice of Bid‘ah and SHIRK

အခ်ဥ္ ဝီရသူ already said…He is ready to put Daw Suu‘s idol together with Buddha and pray…If she support or sponsor the Vaginal security Act for Ultra-Nationalists. Most of the Buddhists R corrupted in their belief in Buddhism, not like the Muslims who have STRICT Code of Law like SHIRK…they are willingly putting the Thurathati Indian Idol and Kwan Yin Chinese goddess and gods…The Buddhists themselves R the real enemy of Buddhism.

In Islam, Bid‘ah is FORBIDDEN for PURITY and ORIGINALITY of religion….Even Buddhist monks are all Buddhists are NOW free to invent new laws or ways in Buddhism…Ultimated they are their own enemy to destroy Buddhism. Read more here in Wikipedia: Bid‘ah and SHIRK

Solonight Emparor wrote>

အခ်ဥ္ ဝီရသူ ခင္ဗ်ား ။ ဘယ့္နွယ့္ ဘြဲ႕ ထူး ဂုဏ္ထူး အသစ္ ေတြ ဖန္တီး ခြင့္ ဗုဒၶဘာသာမွာ ရွိလို ့လား ဖ်ာ့ ။သံဃာ နယာက တင္ပြဲ လုပ္မွသာ ျဖည့္စြတ္ သင့္တာ ျဖည့္ ။ျဖဳတ္ခ် သင့္တာ ျဖဳတ္ ခ် တာကို သံဃာ ေတြ ညိႈနိႈင္း ျပီး လုပ္ႀက တာ မဟုတ္လား ဖ်ာ့ ။
ဒါဟာ သာသနာ မွာ အသစ္ တီတြင္ မႈ ျဖစ္မသြား ဘူးလား ဖ်ာ့ ။တပည့္ေတာ္ နားမလည္ လို ့ပါ ဖ်ာ့ ။


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