Dirty propaganda by military government to incite hatred on minorities

ImageFB of Dr.David Law 

This large poster was stuck on a regular price board dated early December 2013 stating that 3 terrorists had departed from the KIA in Laiza to join the Muslim extremists in Rangoon to disrupt the S.E.Asian Games and that anyone who has suspicious of these 3 men should report them to the authorities. It then describes each man by name, age, height, skin color, race, hair style, prominent facial characteristics or tattoos. E.g. the first one is a Captain, age 24, the second one is a 2nd Warrant Officer and both are K a r e n s. The third one is a corporal, a Kachin. (end of translation)

(remarks: how much truth is in this alleged plan of attack? Have the Karens, Kachins, and Muslims all joined hands ? I thought the Myanmar doctrine was to divide and conquer)

David Law Funny thing is, the signature block reads: “Market Authority, Naypyidaw City Market.” If the 3 terrorists are headed from Laiza to Rangoon why should they spend a single day in Naypyidaw which has a very low population and where strangers would be very noticeable? Why should they even waste time in Naypyidaw? So, what is the purpose of this poster in Naypyidaw ?

Also, if this is a KIA (Kachin) “terrorist” team, how come the Team leader is a Karen Captain and the second member is a Karen Warrant Officer and only the 3rd member is a lowly corporal is a Kachin?

And how come all three have neat little Burmese names, Yan Aung, Myo Naing, and Ye Win? They are supposed to be 2 Karens and 1 Kachin

And the Kachins, Karens, and Muslims have never teamed up to organize a terrorist act together. This is just a fake accusation so that when a bomb does explode, innocent people can be arrested from the Kachin, Karen, and Muslim communities.

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