MKMuhammad Ghiyathudeen A Salam and Maung Maung

U W R O ရဲ႕ အသက္အငယ္ဆံုး-Volunteer. …… — at KG Baru Kuala Lumpur.

Solid team of Myanmar Muslim volunteers has been tasked to carry on works with several scopes at MAPIM HQs in Kampung Baru for months.

Combined Rohingya , Pathi Muslims and others from various parts of Burma have been on the board committee for Relief needs and have been serving the needs of the displaced persons by redistributing the donated items, providing consultations , providing personal identity papers as requested by the applicants on 100% free of charges in the past , now and in the future in sha Allah. Latest and youngest volunteer has signed up with the team to serve his brethren in his free time. The youngest volunteer desk officer is around 12 years old, name is Baeta Min Khant, competing with his author-father Haji.U Maung Maung Abdul Razaq from Mandalay, Burma. The service provided by this lad who come from very significant, contributing and well- known, respected and constantly consulted, by all, family of highly elevated Muslim roots from Mandalay will be liked by Allah s.w.t and his forefathers shall keep on receiving jaariah from his noble deeds to the humanity. His father U Maung Maung Abdul Razaq had once put his life at stake and family’s welfare needs by travelling into very dangerous no-man-land region in northern Myanmar which was infested by the destructive ABSDF students killers who were then killing all innocent leaders and their followers in their quest for powers.U Maung Maung went into the hands of the killers alone, first trip, in order to save the lives of captive students together his younger brother Nyi Nyi.This humane action by U Maung Maung saved several lives of the Buddhist students fighters , males and females, from the jaws of imminent death then. The previous savior now has to be saved by the UNHCR as his life in Burma came under well-founded-fear of threats.

MYANMAR MUSLIM SUKARELAWAN YANG PALING MUDA UMUR DI UWRO DI PEJABAT MAPIM:UWRO’S YOUNGEST VOLUNTEER AT MAPIM OFFICE: Pasukan sukarellawan Muslim daripada Myanmar sedang menjalankan tugas-tugas yang tertentu selama ini dan tam sukarelawan telah terima ahli baru mereka yang paling muda umur dikalangan pemuda dan yang lebih tua usia. Umurnya hanya 12 tahun dan sedang mnjalankan tugas temuduga dengan pelawat yang hadir untuk memohon surat pengenalandiri yang diberikan kepada yang memerlukan itu tanpa apa- apa bayaran dari pejabat ini. Apakah ini akan menggalakan/mendorong orang yang lebih matang untuk tampil ke depan ?

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