Independence Day massage from my Australian Rohingya friend

Independence Day massage from my Australian Rohingya friend

Kamal Hussein, Dr

My Dear LYCs,
Today is 4th January and 66th Myanmar Independence Day. In this auspicious moment, it is glad to know that 500 + LYC dignitaries will attend the first ever gathering tomorrow, the 5th of January. We wish we could attend the gathering, but we are far away.

LYC group was born in 2012 pioneered by some senior LYC members through Facebook. The group was initially idle and we seldom find any active postings. Due to hard works and patience of a few dedicated LYCs, today, the group could able make such a meaningful gathering. It seems the cohort of 500+ is mainly from 700 registered LYCs in the group out of 5000+ LYCs during 1964 to 1988. This cohort is one of the most intellectually active personalities in the country and is statistically very much randomised in view of geographical and chronological representation. In terms of profession, one can easily argue but need to accept that the group is heavily skewed towards medical and engineering professions.
My intention is to write about the INDEPENDENCE that required to be maintained by this cohort not by choice but by default. INDEPENDENCE is undeniably good but there are exceptions to every rule. There are examples of major tragedies brought by independence in some parts of the world that should not happen to our country. Today is 66th Independence Day anniversary and there is still no light seen properly at the end of the tunnel.
I remember Independence Day during my childhood as a fun as we used to go some enjoyable sport activities, essay competitions and concerts. The most memorable activities were marathon race on January 1st (to be awarded on Jan 4th ) and bamboo climbing competitions ( Chaw Daing). I come from a town where I received my LYC selection news only after 4 days as someone brought a Kyae Mon news paper to show my name on it in early April 1978. I received three telegraphs from Yangon only after five days about the good news of my medical school entry in 1982. In fact, I have to admit that I am one of the most statistically odd candidates in this cohort. I am writing by virtue of LYC member only.
Despite all those odds, I could able to enjoy sweetest portion of Independence such as LYC, MBBS training and Collegiate Scholarship from 1979 to 1987. It seems very privileged. It is not possible to enjoy all those goodies through bribing or nepotism. My family was comfortable but not that rich enough to bribe LYC selection board, Education Ministry etc..(I beg your pardon if it is a contempt)
I have also tasted the bitterest portion of the Independence. I was a simple medical doctor only interested in treating sick patients but I had to leave the country in 1992. I spent a quarter of my life in Malaysia. Now I have been enjoying as a citizen of a top OECD country for more than seven years (boasting??? Please forgive me).
While in Malaysia, almost every year, I was on duty (on-call medical duty ) to cover the Independence Day celebrations of a University Campus with student population of 25,000. I was given full privilege (including my family) of access to the function with senior academics and their families. They were enjoying a lot with their National Anthem “Negara Ku” meaning “My Country”. We (my family) did not know what to do? To cry or to celebrate? It was not good to stay still not chanting any things but if we chant we were wrong. It was not our country. How could we chant “Negara Ku”? Now, I don’t need to chant “Negara Ku” anymore and I have almost forgotten “ Kabba Ma Khye” but I am now happily chanting “ Advanced Australia Fair” for a very good reason.
Based on my personal experience, I would like to request my senior and junior LYC friends to take proactive role to maintain Independence meaningfully towards nation building. It is not unusual to experience turbulence period during transition but it is the duty of intellectuals to identify timely to fix it. I would like to express my NY 2014 as well as 66th Independence Day Wish as “3 H & 3P+ 1 Proverb”:
Happy, Healthy, Harmonious, Peaceful, Progressive and Prosperous Nation.
Chit Za Go Shay Ze , Mone Za Go To Ze ( Lengthen the Love String, Shorten the Hate String)

Long Live LYCs!!!!


Kamal Hussein, Dr
Sydney, 4th January 2014

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