Democracy is good but in Myanmar it is “still-born” or may be already DEAD in the Uterus (IUD)

The captain of missing MAS Mr Shah, was once pictured wearing a T-shirt declaring “Democracy is Dead”.

Then…I wish to claim that Myanmar Democracy is a “Still-born” or may be more accurate to call an IUD (Intra Utrine Death).

Now a days even many Democrats and NLD members are acting and talking like they want DEMOCRACY for themselves but not for the Rohingyas and Muslims.

I am surprised that those so called democrats who are enjoying all the Human Rights in developed countries are repeatedly voicing the RACIST words denying the Rights of Rohingyas and Muslims.

I hereby do not wish to blame the democracy or claim that democracy is not good. The root cause is the Myanmar Military Government just deceiving the UN and International community that they are transforming to democracy BUT actually trying to use the underhand tactics to deny the NLD and Daw Suu getting the power by brainwashing the whole nation using ultra-nationalism, patriotism, love of the race and religion.

The ruling party, USDP repeatedly brain washed the public with Islamophobia to shift the Buddhists’ support from NLD to USDP. USDP is using its hidden terrorist 969 Swarn Arr Shins including U Wirathu led TERRORIST Buddhist monks and Buddhist Rakhines to create Anti-Muslim riots all over Myanmar.

So it is nothing wrong with DEMOCRACY for Myanmar or this is not just a teething problem of Democratic transformation but the main culprit is the ruling party not only adhering to the GOOD DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES but practicing the bogus democracy, giving the lame excuse that because of the recently start to practice freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of press…people misusing these to spread of Hate Speeches and exercising the mob rule on Muslims. And they use the lame excuse of absent of Rule of Law and inexperienced police force.

The above are all lame excuses to trick the whole world. Actually the USDP and Swarn arr Shins are executing at pin-point accuracy according to their well planned strategy to derail the democratic transformation so that they would not need to transfer the state governing power to Daw Aung San Su Kyi led NLD.

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