U Thein Sein and Mandalay PM Ye Myint are guilty of crime of destroying 200 dead bodies in Meikhtila

That Monk killed in Meikhtila was a drug and alcohol addict arrested by the Win Dwin Police on NUMEROUS TIMES. He was recruited by USDP Swarn Arr Shins to do atrocities on Muslims. Now, after the legitimate defense of Muslims…that FAKE Monk was killed. ALL the Buddhists including the Gov officers are using that killing to justify the killing of 200 Muslims in Meikhtila.

Look at a scenario…..If there is a crime in Myanmar or any country in any part of the world..After killing of one or 100 persons …IF…any one destroyed the death bodies…It is also A CRIME of destroying the evidence or OBSTRUCTING the JUSTICE….Those 200 bodies of Muslims (may be even if we accept 40 death of government bluff)…why their bodies were not given back for proper burial after proper Post Morten….Government burnt and destroyed. Even Mdy PM Ye Myint tried to deceive the Muslims by asking Kyat 100 million for the bodies….although he knew that they were burnt. Actually…Myanmar Government learnt a lesson after their agent Swarn Arr Shins killed 11 Muslims in Taungope and returned the bodies. Because of that in Rakhine after killing the Rohingyas…they don’t allow anyone to enter that area to give time to destroy the evidence:DEAD BODIES.

3 Responses to “U Thein Sein and Mandalay PM Ye Myint are guilty of crime of destroying 200 dead bodies in Meikhtila”

  1. drkokogyi Says:

    Dr David Law …I saw photos of the Taungope victims. Their faces and bodies were horrifically bashed. I fear this is why the bodies of later incidents were burned so as to wipe out evidence of soft tissue trauma.
    Dr Nora Rowley David Law are you talking about the June 3, 2012 killing of 10 Muslims in South Rakhine State after they were pulled off their bus heading for Yangon? The photos of that brutality were liberally distributed in order to blame the onset of mass violence on Rohingya. The Maungdaw Rohingya June 8 post-prayers protests lead to bilateral violence. But the Security forces+Rakhine violence against Rohingya in Maungdaw displaced 1000’s, killed 100’s and is downplayed and underestimated when rarely mentioned.

  2. drkokogyi Says:

    Dr Nora Rowley The 2 April, 2013 Yangon 48th St blatant Arson attack that killed 17 Muslim boys ended with at least one of the school leaders being imprisoned and sentenced to at least 7 years for the negligent homicide of those students. The same dirty military regime is in charge.

    Ko Ko Gyi Actually that school teacher dare to go against the strong warning by the police NOT to reveal the arson attack and just accept the police’s cover-up story of electrical short-circuit from the generator and main switch board. But the almost INTACT switch board and generator’s pictures came out and the teacher revealed that it was a deliberate arson attack. So he was arrested and jailed to close his mouth.

    Ko Ko Gyi The school was threatened by 969 Swarn arr Shins. Children saw a man trying to throw a stick on fire. The staircase was splashed with Kerosine, recovered a stick attached with the Kerosine soaked “lady’s under ware”…The school was boys’ school with all male teachers.

  3. drkokogyi Says:

    Thein Sein, Than Shwe, Min Aung Hlaing, Shwe Mann, all the Police heads and Ministers from Federal and Yangon must made to answer that arson attack, cover-up and wrongful punishment of the innocent victim teacher.

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