Thida htwe’s case, Tomas Ojea Quintana and Dr Maung Zarni

Thida htwe’s case, Tomas Ojea Quintana and Dr Maung Zarni

Letter of A.F.K Jilani,

Dear All,
What we knew is from the beginning to the end the case was fabricated and a big plot against the innocent Rohingyas. The both Thein Sein and Rakhines were behind the plot to justify the violence and show the world community, Rohingyas are trouble shooters in Arakan.

But a matter of regret is that one of our Muslim brother, head of a Organization’s letter to Aung San Suu Kyi mentioned that, we Muslims are regretted for the incident where one of our Muslims young man was involved. We must not admit what is really not true or take blood in own hands, murdered by another murderer. I was deeply sorry to read that letter. Is not a historic blunder?

Dr Maung Zarni, is one of the main speakers on the Plight of Rohingya:solution? At Kl’s Perdana Global Peace Foundation, headed by Dr Tun Mahathir, former Prime Minister of Malaysia. A noted exile from Mandalay, Maung Zarni is the only Burmese academic with Buddhist background who has unequivocally denounced Burma’s popular racism in connection with cleansing of the Muslim Rohingyas.

In his wonderful speech had referred Thida Htwe,s case. No rape was committed according to the medical report. The main accused Thek Thek is not a Rohingya. He is a Rakhine. He was killed at the police custody. His mother or wife was killed later. Very much sensitive issue it is indeed. Truth can not be hidden. His point is really a glow at dawn . Thida Htwe’s Case Reality must be proved. May it be wise enough to suggest Tomas Ojea Quintana or any UN inquiry commission or UN Official to visit Kyauknimaw to investigate the case of Thida Htwe. If we could prove the allegation of the govt is wrong, half the battle would be won by us. If do not prove the case would go on as it now. The culprits of Thida Htwe’s murder with rape were not Muslim Rohingyas according to the natives of her village. Her villager Ibrahim [the husband of Reju’s sister-in-law], narrated that her mother attempted to disclose the name of actual perpetrator, but the authority never allowed her. He wanted her hands which was rejected by her. So-called perpetrator that that’s father was a Rakhine adopted by the Muslims. As Dr.Shwe Lu Maung is not a Rohingya but a Muslim by faith, Maung Kyaw Win was also not a Rohingya but a pure Rakhine. Saying that Thidathwe was raped and murdered by Rohingya is wrong. So you all are requested to inform Thida’s case to Quintana and other concerned authorities.

U Thein Sein’s forces do not allow to buy Rohingyas rice and other commodities for fasting and survival. The govt of UThein Sein’s intention is to kill Muslim Rohingyas by keeping them starve and to drive out of the country with the cooperation of local Buddhists, the Rakhines. The Rakhine, historically known as ‘Maghs’ are very pleased by getting their long desired chance to massacre the Muslim Rohingyas of Arakan.
Specially, the Maghs who came from Bangladesh are more cruel than the butchers. They brunt down the houses while the Muslim young and old are sleeping. They looted the Muslim’s belongings and tortured the Muslim mercilessly, while the forces of U Thein Sein were enjoying by looking on the agonies and suffering of the Muslims as if their sworn enemies are victimized by the U Thein Sein Forces and the blood-thirsty Buddhist Rakhines. U Thein Sein is fiddling while the Muslims are burning. The Buddhists get the license to kill the Muslims from U Thein Sein who never stop them in demolishing the mosques during the last water festivals of mid April 2012. Last Friday U Thein Sein forces locked scores of mosques and arrested Imams and Moazims and devotees.

The govt, the opposition [ though it leader is the winner
of Nobel Peace Award], all the Buddhist people of Burma are united [ Birds of a feather flock together], to eliminate or to finish to drive out the Rohingya Muslims from Burma, though the Muslims’ blood was saturated for Burmese independence, since Byatta (1044) to Sayagy U Razzak(1947).

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