Homeland TV series ‘exposed’ the dirty tactics of CIA, drones and Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan

Although a TV series…as it was originally written by Israel, adopted by USA, eagerly waited to see regularly by President Obama….and based of real happenings….

I think we should watch the “Homeland” TV series now showing at the same time (few hours only late in USA and ASTRO Fox TV. Drone wrongly hit at the wedding ceremony. 2 CIA chiefs tried to cover-up and justify the attack. Pakistan CIA Chief exposed by double agent, killed by ANGRY MOB (ordered by ? Pakistan Intelligence), Medical student’s whole family killed, his HP video published (without his consent) on YouTube…

The student threatened by secret agents, New CIA chief (transferred from Afghanistan to Pakistan) tried to talk to the student (It was obvious that IF the student (survived after whole family killed) could be assassinated by CIA.

Pakistan gov runs with the hare and hunt with the hounds. Took money (?90 million per yr) from USA. If they refused to take and failed to co-operate, USA would invade and destroy their country like Afghanistan and Iraq. Taliban and Al-Qaeda were started, trained, armed and funded by the CIA and Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan. So part of Pakistan military is sympathetic to Taliban and Al-Qaeda. You see when Pakistan military bombed and killed the French Navy officers because they refused to give the promised KICK-BACK of submarines and when Musharaf killed Banazir Ali Bhutto…they used the Taliban and Al-Qaeda as bogeymen which were exposed later.

This year Noble Peace Prize should be also given to Edward Joseph  Snowden BUT the committee dare not anger USA. Obama was given the Noble Peace Prize for NOTHING, he could never able to prove or do ANYTHING up to now.

Noble peace prize is just a tool of Western countries. I accept that Malala is a brave girl. If she was attacked by drone, do you think she would be brought to UK and treated for her injuries? If she spoke up for drone attacks(which killing so many innocent people),do you think she would get Noble peace prize?


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