UN Special Envoy Vijay Nambia is really toxic for the Rohingyas

UN Special Envoy Vijay Nambia is really toxic for the Rohingyas

Vijay Nambia, Ban Ki-moon’s former chief of staff (chief clerk in the world’s Biggest Clerk’s office, really, despite fanciful titles) and UN Special Envoy on Burma or Myanmar is widely seen in policy circles, a major external obstacle for the Rohingya to get a proper hearing at the UN.

He is said to be really an apologist for the regime.

Nambia also brought his UN boss BKMoom to Colombo as Sri Lanka’s racist regime was in the midst of war-preparation against the LTTE, an act perceived as an act of UN’s blessings for the genocidal attack in the final phase of the war there.

It was Nambia who had obstructed the UNHCR’s officially mandated opening of a permanent office in Burma.

It was Nambia who echoes Burmese regime’s racist and ethnocidal views towards the Rohingya.

Rakhine Action Plan is a final nail in the coffin of Burma’s Rohingya genocide of 36 years.

The very same UN bureaucrat Nambia is playing a dodgy role, selling the regime’s line (lie) about Rohingya identity.

Nambia’s brother is said to be a general in the Indian Armed Forces, which have been training Burmese military officers.

On Burma (and Latin America and Africa)India as a country has pursued a foreign policy that is neither informed by liberal democratic human values nor the ancient civilizational cultures/ideas of Buddhism, peace, tolerance, etc.


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