Empires always dig their own graves

Empires always dig their own graves, just remember when you feel despair.

Those who are in awe of the staying power of the Bama military regime would do well to remember that it was less than a century ago the world was soiled with the now irrelevant imperialist motto ‘the Sun never set in the British Empire’.

The current Burmese “Empire” is digging its grave already, by all indications.

No power can keep itself alive when it has turned every segment of the society it misrules, exploits and oppresses into enemies.

The question is not IF the Bama dictatorship crumbles, but only WHEN it crumbles.

That is the question that should guide all those who want change in Burma – not how to accommodate and appease the third-rate dictators, seniors and juniors, in Naypyidaw.


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