969 media and U Nay Myo Wai circulated the fabricated rape and murder news of a “Myanmar” girl on social media

969 media and U Nay Myo Wai circulated the fabricated rape and murder news of a “Myanmar” girl on social media

11th,December 2014 M Media Reported by Thiha

It is reported that there is rumor spreading on the online social media that a Myanmar girl was raped and killed brutally by Bangali Muslim in Kota Bharu, Malaysia.

It was found out that that news is a fabricated stories and the photos accompanying are from the Brazilian internet news about 13 years old Barbara Pereira Lira who was raped and murdered in Parauapebas, Para’ State, Northern Brazil.

It appeared that it was fabricated and circulated intentionally to instigate hatred among different racial and religious groups in Myanmar.

This instigated fake news was shared on “969 media” facebook page, one of the social media pages of 969 movement led by prominent anti Muslim monk U Wirathu and facebook page of U Nay Myo Wai, chairman of Diversity and Peace party.

Facebook pages of U Nay Myo Wai, 969 media and Association for the Protection of Race and Religion (MA BA THA) has disseminated volatile news and photos for a long time to provoke hatred among different religious groups. Although such incitements are against State’s constitution and current existing laws of Myanmar, the government authorities nor Sangha (Buddhist monk) authorities has not done anything yet to stop these hate speeches.

Links of true stories



Links of fabricated news



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