ASTRO Satellite TV Malaysia is shamelessly cheating customers

ASTRO Satellite TV Malaysia is shamelessly cheating us.

Early last month, ASTRO person called us, informing their intention to increase price because of reclassifying of package. When I told him that as we already have few accounts (decoders) in our house we wish to stop (disconnect) that account, the ASTRO man rudely cut off the phone.

Then I asked my staff to call the ASTRO customer service to inform our wish to stop the service. She said we need to give one month notice. As we had given the charges 3 monthly, I thought they would stop after one month. I wrote about that information and given a photocopy to my friend/patient/staff of ASTRO.

But on 12. Dec 2014 I got an ASTRO bill to pay for another 3 months.

I asked my staff to call ASTRO customer service. She said there was NO record of our notice to cut ASTRO and advised us to pay the bill and after that to inform her about payment and she would made sure to cut. When we wish to pay for ONE MONTH only but NOT for 3 month’s bill…she insisted to pay as per bill statement.

So I paid for 3 months and informed her about our settlement. When my staff and I reminded her that as we had paid for 3 months…not to cut after just one month, she said OK…

But just less than a week later, today…18.12.14….Our ASTRO service was cut off.

Shameless ASTRO CHEATED us! Robbed our money.

I informed the manager of ASTRO customer service when she called me to ask some advice for her health. She promised to investigate.

FYI this is NOT the first time that ASTRO had cheated us.


One Response to “ASTRO Satellite TV Malaysia is shamelessly cheating customers”

  1. Joyah Joseph Says:

    ASTRO bloody cheated us too….we settled all the outstanding amount in July 2015 and terminated astro. But to our astonishment astro staff called us in November 2015 and said there is still outstanding amounting to RM350 to be settled and yet offered us discount only to pay RM150. What a bloody blood suckers…they such our money…

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