Islamic Religious Affairs Council vow to restore dignity of Myanmar Muslim

Islamic Religious Affairs Council vow to restore dignity of Myanmar Muslim
” We can’t achieve our founders’ goal that is to restore the dignity of Myanmar Muslims and we hereby vow to do our best for it , “said U Nyunt Maung Shein, the Chairman of the Islamic Religious Affairs Council, at its 60th Anniversary Event.

” The Council was founded by our honourable ancestors to serve the Muslims to possess success in life and hereafter. Though not being able to grasp this goal, we have strongly determined to carry on for it,” he added to Myanmar Muslim Media.

The General Secretary U Tin Maung Than also pointed out that no government of Myanmar had accessed the freedom of faith to Muslims. ” Without Freedom of Belief, we can do nothing enough for the sake of Muslims even though we’ve endeavoured our best,” he said.

According to The Irrawaddy News, US listed Myanmar as one of the 15 blacklisted countries where religious riots are frequently orchestrated while all the Myanmar governmental organizations often guarantee for freedom of faith.

” we want to practice our religious teachings peacefully and we’re trying for it,” explained U Wunna Shwe, the Joint Secretary of Islamic Religious Affairs Council which was founded in December 5, 1954 after the Burma Muslim Congress had been liquidated by U Nu’s government. ” To be brief, our goal is to live in dignity that is not needed a question”.

Publishing Islamic booklets, running dual educational schools, providing Ansarie Courses and issuing Halal Certificate are now being performed by the Islamic Religious Affairs Council.

My Comment>>>Very easy…IF we could expose (actually it is an open secret known by the world) that the Myanmar Military Government is the culprit of the Islamophobic Hate Mongers and 969 Ma Ba Thas. IF we could present the irrefutable proof at UN and ICC, all the Atrocities on Muslims will stop. But we need to debrief the mass with the idea of Mutual Respect and Equal Rights of all the people of Myanmar as successive Myanmar Military Governments had brain-wash the people with ultra-nationalism.


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