Polite arguments on our beliefs and concepts amongst Myanmar Activists abroad

First of all…I never support the ISIL
But there are FUNNY cheap shameless talks I heard on BBC.

US said it was not downed but because of the normal crash. STUPID American UNSAFE technology.
Jordan gov threatened and warned the ISIL…shameless talk after cowardly bombing them from high above.
As a neutral bystander I think they won’t care your stupid warning.

My friend Ko Myo Min misunderstood me and wrote harshly, “If it is not just, there shouldn’t even be a bystander. if it is, it is a proof of being corrupted and everything that went wrong with a person. Instead of being an emotion oriented populist, one should rather be man of natural honesty. As long as ISIL , BOKO HARAM, DPRK dictator , Chinese shameless non-ethical business-first-spirit and backward Myanmar military dictatorship, a physical and mentally sound person should not even wonder nor sympathize with those (better do away with) devils and stand firm from the side of just and fair.”

I replied politely but firmly>>>Ko Ko Gyi Ko Myo Min…I still maintain as a NEUTRAL because I don’t know the real truth. But I maintained that I would never support the ISIL.Because they are also created by CIA, Israel and Arab countries to attack Syria (+Iran+their supporters Russia) But that went wrong…I am just talking about downing the bomber air craft. Although I don’t like and support ISIL…your USA and Jordan are issuing FUNNY comments… It is about these LIES of USA and empty warning of Jordan that I AM WRITING….I hope you could understand my simple English. IF NOT I NEED TO BRUSH-UP my English. And FYI I hereby repeat I am against ISIL+++BOKO HARAM, DPRK dictator , Chinese shameless non-ethical business-first-spirit and backward Myanmar military dictatorship, …ALL of them. …So please kindly remember that I am not a corrupted, not wrong, not an emotion oriented populist BUT always ready to speak out the truth…even the mighty US, UN, EU or my own ISLAMIC extremists.

FYI I have no secrets or debts or gratitude to pay back on UNHCR, (RSD & RST) or USA or even OIC or Muslim NGOs etc…I stand on my own and work hard more than 12 hours a day for 30 yrs in KL. (I need to thank our God only.) So I have the right and dare to point out the wrongs of UNHCR, UN, USA and Islamic organizations…But I refrain from writing about Malaysian politics because …they have allowed me to stay and work in their country for nearly 30 yrs…and the people as well as gov leaders are good on us like their own blood.

At last he replied…I am glad that he understood me and we are in the same boat…Wishing TRUE democracy for our motherland and respect of Human Rights…

Ko Myo Min >>>Thaks Dr. I know this coming! I know that you care about like minded friends. I have to admit that I might have a bit so been sensitive over what I perceived as unjust and unfair partisanship. I didn’t purposely and directly meant to you but to those with what I have described(you repeated). But, sometimes, overconfident educated persons like ” Sayar Htin Lin” couldn’t hear back their voice and slipped into something else. I do not want that happen and I wish for those whom I care would find a fine line. For example; this moment, DASSK is the only one for our hope, the next moment, she is a total mess; such things are hard to take without recalling (for me at least) and adjusting memory of the past. I really want to be a part of a society where the only criteria is to be just a humane human-being( no matter what race, religion, color you belongs) and the virtue is fairness even when voicing out opinions and thoughts. I know that no way I can enforce because who am I to? But, I try to make my friends aware what I see is out of tune. Otherwise, who would point them out? That being said, I will not try this out over ” ISIL+++BOKO HARAM, DPRK dictator , Chinese shameless non-ethical business-first-spirit and backward Myanmar military dictators ” as it will be like just trying to play a Burmese Harps into a Buffalo’s ears” , I will do, however, to those who have pure hearts and honest intentions. Anyway, I respect the fact that every one has right to express their own thoughts and opinions based on who they are and what they do. The only unmistakable reality in online posting though, is you are what you say. By the way, the USA is so diverse and complicated society and every single act or decision that made as US’s wasn’t really reflect everyone’s taste, let alone mine as I myself has been hardly accepted by society yet ( I think) and vice versa. So, it’s a bit too early to claim as either my USA or else. Also, I am so humble to write my views in English in this very public arena as I will no way be able to fully articulate as the way I really know, realize and perceive over anything, because I am still just one of billions. Thus, there might be very much probability that I did not fully get what other said as well. But, I will try still.


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