I am not Charlie … #JeSuisAhmed

I am not Charlie … #JeSuisAhmed

OnIslam Staff

CAIRO – Tributes were paid on Thursday to heroic Muslim officer who was killed while defending Charlie Hebdo headquarters in Paris against gunmen attack.

“I am not Charlie… I am Ahmed the dead cop. Charlie disrespected me and ridiculed my faith and culture and I died defending his right to do so. ‪#‎JesuisAhmed,” Dyab Abou Jahjah tweeted.

“#IamAhmed #JeSuisAhmed the Muslim #morocco #Maroc cop,I died defending the #FreeSpeech #CharlieHebdo,” tweeted another.

Merabet was executed by a gunman on the streets of Paris while he begged for his life, a shocking footage of the attack on Charlie Hebdo offices showed.

Witnesses say he asked “do you want to kill me?” before the gunman replied “OK, chief”.

The Muslim cop was a married Parisian cycle cop assigned to the 11th arrondissement, the Paris neighborhood where Charlie Hebdo’s office is located.

The Muslim hero is one of two cops who were killed by gunmen on Wednesday along with ten journalists.

Tributes continued to flood in today for the heroic police officer gunned down in the line of duty.

One wrote: “RIP Ahmed Merabet, French policeman, murdered protecting people in Paris”, the Daily Mail reported.

Alan Mendoza, Executive Director of The Henry Jackson Society, tweeted: “Important to note that amid the carnage today a brave Muslim policeman was murdered by those claiming to represent Islam.”

Seeing the Charlie Hebdo attack as a betrayal of Islamic faith, leaders from Muslim countries and organizations have joined worldwide condemnation of the attack, saying the attackers should not be associated with Islam.

Check OnIslam.net special coverage on the most prominent reactions from Muslims worldwide. Check also reactions from eminent Muslim scholars on this barbaric incident.


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