Life of Wirathu and Who is the real criminal?

Who is the real culprit or guilty criminal? Wirathu or his masters?

Rough translation of the FB posting of my younger brother U Maung Maung Skw (Shwe Keraweik) Mandalay/KL

Who is the (real) criminal?

A person who had to go through the poor childhood and a miserable lifespan

Struggling in a very tough-life since young to support the fatherless family

Learned hard to get a good education as a mean to free from lifelong poverty

Got a megalomania, a very strong desire to become a famous and successful person

Even as a young novice monk, overconfident with the newly acquired knowledge, challenged the elderly revered Abbots

Bo Khin Nyunt (MI Chief General Khin Nyunt) spotted his talent and adopted to use as a senior agent provocateur cum hate monger or racial and religious agitator against Muslims

The megalomeniac monk elated and enjoying the rocking of the socio-religious boat by using the power vested by crazy general

The Kyauksae riots gone out of control

At the dusk of Bo Khin Nyunt, (he was) sentenced for 25 years

Suffered a painful experience of life in jail

After nine years in jail, suddenly released with (the lame excuse of giving) an amnesty

Remaining 16 years, signed as an acknowledgement to behave, is like a dangling sword of Damocles on his head (Ref:

If the government is not happy (with his service or performance) that remaining balance of 16 yrs is bad enough even without calculating the new superadded punishments

Young person with great ambitions

Who is not afraid of the jail?

After freshly released from jail

Tried with great ambitions to struggle for multi-religious interfaith peace and even for the world’s peace

Mandalay Prime Minister Ye Myint even withdrawn the already approved permit for the “Prayers for Peace” and even declared that he would not allow any event if Wirathu participate

As a stubborn fellow, he insisted and proceed with the “Prayers for Peace” in front of the Zeygyo Hotel, where the original permit was given and later withdrawn

Police trying to open a case for that prayer event

As Approved Permits for the events were not with him

Even if the offence was not serious, the balance of 16 yrs (he owed) was scary

(Note: Maung Maung showed the required permits documents that I get after duly applied and explained to the Mandalay Division Police Chief Aung Naing Thu)

Black-listed Aung Thaung (he was not black listed yet at that time) entered the scene and we don’t know how he threatened and persuade (Wirathu) to reverse all his conditions, behaviours and activities

Without much (real life) general knowledge combined with megalomania, (Wirathu) may done more than what Aung Thaung had asked or ordered

Peer pressure of the (Racist) Rakhine and (969 Ma Ba Tha ultra-Nationalist-Patriotic) USDP is also enormous

Three S.B. (Special Branch) Police escorted him and is giving 24 hr security
Ko Myat Thu and Ma Myint Myint Kyi, from Tharthana Neggaha association, also accumulate and compile all the rape cases related to “Kalars” (derogatory word for Muslims) around the country

If he could create a problem (outside)     or on the FB, he could get numerous “LIKES” and supporters who donate generously

So, the person with weak up-brings in childhood moral values is easily ruined
During the earlier problems he created, if (I) explained him thoroughly with reasonable or acceptable facts, he used to understand and quickly rectify back those conflicts

But later, to get complete control on Wirathu, stimulants and drugs were given
During the Rakhine Preaches and the latest case of insulting (UN Special Rapporteur) Ms. Yanghee Lee with foul and abusive language, we could see the signs of drug usage.

We do not wish to claim that Wirathu is a good person

But…now (the military government is) using coercion, intimidations, threats, rewards and at last involvement of stimulant drugs to made him into a Muslim-killing-machine to destroy the country so that they could continue to rule

Who is wrong and guilty, Wirathu or his political (military) masters?

Who is the real culprit or guilty criminal?

Maung Maung
Shwe Keraweik


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