We wish “to see the son coming back carrying the gold pot”

We wish “to see the son coming back carrying the gold pot” (Thar Shwe Oh Htan Lar Tar Myin Ya) as in the famous Thu Wanna Thar Ma Jattaka.

We wish to see Daw Suu led NLD and military affiliated USDP continue to exist and work together towards democracy, for the benefit and progress of the Myanmar and all the citizens.

Our country needs both Daw Suu led NLD and support of Myanmar Military affiliated USDP.

Daw Suu led NLD would grant us with Democracy, Good Governance, accountability, Foreign aids, cooperation and investments.

But we still could not ignore but need the Myanmar Military affiliated USDP for our country’s stability, security and their experience and Government Machinery.

There is too much dirty politic in Myanmar now a days to win the votes, hearts and mind of the people.

We all need to say, “Stop the crap, enough is enough.”

Form an Interim coalition government that would last for 10 years to fine-tune the establishment of the true democracy.

Choose 100 persons as representatives or top leaders. USDP 30%, NLD 30% and Ethnic Minorities 30%.

USDP and NLD should take turn to lead as PM and Deputy PM alternatively changing every 2 yrs. Appoint the Ministers and deputy ministers from that 100.

Amount of persons and percentage should be decided by meeting between USDP top leaders, NLD leaders and Ethnic minorities.

There must be a TOTAL change for all the democratic principles.

With the carpet amnesty for the generals and guarantee of their safety for prosecution and to compensate by the STATE for all aggrieved persons, we could get the power transfer more smoothly.

One Response to “We wish “to see the son coming back carrying the gold pot””

  1. drkokogyi Says:

    It is the ripe time for USA to actively give pressure by carrot and stick method. “To transfer power back to the people”…Carrot like the one given to Saddam’s generals…Green Card and amnesty if sided with people. IF not ICC threat….Guillotine may be excluded from the list. Just arrest the generals and request UN-ICC to have a special tribunal for ALL the top generals.

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