Greedy Pharmacists are planning to work as quack ‘doctors’

IF wish to follow UK, US and Australia….with forced separation of duties…
Doctors must seriously consider increasing the consultation fees on per with those countries to cover our overhead expenses.

Ha ha ha…GREEDY Pharmacist made a peacock boasting, “We cannot but be protective of our profession as we spend four years in university to make us qualified as professionals in addition to one to three years of training in institutions approved by the Health Ministry.”..

EVEN BEFORE GIVING THEIR RIGHTS OF MONOPOLY…THE pharmacists are showing their true colour to act as doctors….”However, what can pharmacists dispense when doctors want to diagnose, prescribe and dispense, thus denying pharmacists accessibility to prescriptions. At the same time, it highlights complaints “that pharmacists take blood pressure readings, do blood glucose and cholesterol tests”, which is deemed as “practising like doctors”.
However, these days, patients monitor their own blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol at home in “self-care”. Are these patients deemed to be “doctoring” too?”

By the way…when did and how much did he claim to know about the diseases? “The whole process of dispensing also involves patient care and knowledge of the illness.” Hollow claim.

SHAMELESS CLAIM…”During the undergraduate years and post-graduation training, pharmacists are expected to know almost as wide a range of diseases as the doctors.”

Now they admit committing for acting like a doctor, “While pharmacists do not take over the doctors’ domain of diagnosis (unlike the role of pharmacists taken by doctors most times), we are legally allowed to respond to symptoms and to dispense medicines for minor ailments which are self-limiting and this has been happening since the Poisons Act was first introduced 63 years ago.”

READ here Solution can be mapped out by DATUK NANCY HO, President, Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society

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