Comments on Malaysian PM YAB Datuk Sri Najib’s FB on Myanmar President’s visit

Dear beloved YAB Datuk Sri…we have NO objection that Malaysia doing business and having cordial good relations. But be careful of the CRIMINAL Genocidal Military GOVERNMENT of Myanmar who had done a lot of atrocities on Muslims of Myanmar and Rohingyas.@ Doing what is right and forbid the wrongs

And please tell that IDIOT Thein Sein that Malaysia and Indonesia were never Buddhist countries and that it is WRONG to say that Arab Muslims forced these 2 countries to convert. YAB TDM and Dr Chandra Muzzaffa had rightly pointed out these facts to Myanmar delegates and monk (esp Thidagu) in the conferences but Myanmar Government’s propaganda machine keep on charming the lies.

And this RACIST ISLAMOPHOBIC gov keep on threatening Buddhist majority that because Thai Buddhists pity and allow Malays to stay in their Buddhist land…the Muslim Malays now are rebelling and demanding the land and even Monks had to go around begging with the military escort. (They tell the same lies about Philippine Malays.) So their HATE MONGERS are effectively telling the Buddhist majourity to hate and chase out all the Muslims of Myanmar.

Former PMs Tun Dr M and Tun AAB had even sponsored the Rohingya Genocide International Conferences. Just ask that Islamophobic Thein Sein…They even tried to erase the name Rohingya from Myanmar history.

Please kindly ask him why Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA) donated hundreds of emergency relief boxes never arrived Rakhine state but kept in store houses in Yangon and now stolen and rotten. Rakhine Gov demanded bribery 10 million Kyats from Myanmar Islamic council which just could offer 4 million Kyats just to give approval to be distributed to both sides. But they shamelessly refused.

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