Muslims of Myanmar should start to act for the Myanmar GE 2012

Myanmar GE 2012

My Muslim friends are advising Muslims of Myanmar by writing differently:
(1) To vote for Ethnic Minority parties.
(2) To form a Muslim Party and vote them
(3) To support NLD
(4) To vote USDP and
(5) Not to vote at all.

Most of us agree that No. (5) NOT TO VOTE is not a wise decision. Why should we waste or CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to vote. But we need to think, strategist and bargain with the might of our MUSLIM VOTE BANK.

We need to start NOW! All Muslims of Myanmar must send this message to all the parties who are entering the election.

I wish to point out that (2) to form a Muslim Party and vote them in is not a very good option until and unless in the areas where Muslims form more than 50% of the legible voters. 99% of Myanmar are brain-washed by the 969 Ma Ba Tha Ultra-Nationalists.

It is interesting to note the voting trends in Malaysia and Singapore. Major coalition parties used to field minority Indians and Chinese and most of the voters vote for the party chosen candidates. But in Myanmar, some of the Muslim candidates of NLD were competed by the NLD members as Independent candidates. They used the Racial Slur on the NLD Muslim rival candidate to win the votes.

Another popular opinion of most of the Muslims (1) to vote for Ethnic Minority parties, is also out of question. The proof is the selection of Genocidist Mass Murderer Veterinary Doctor Aye Maung to represent the Ethnic Minority Parliament.

After all DKBA Buddhists had done a lot of atrocities on Muslims in Karen State. Rakhines are Racist Murderers who are committing “Slow Genocide” on Rohingya Muslims.

Shan, Pao’, Mon and Kayas are Buddhists and the Bigot Ma Ba Tha Military Lapdog Fake monks have infiltrated and brain-washed the people. Shan leaders like Khun Htun Oo have voiced some racist statements.

It is high time for the Myanmar Muslims to openly question and demand USDP, NLD and other Ethnic National Parties about the continuing HATE-SPEECHES and atrocities by 969 Ma Ba Tha Swarn Arr Shins.

I heard from Mg Mg that B4 last election…Aung Thaung promised to the Garana Chief “Tha Khin Lay”…so ordered all his sect followers to vote for USDP…

But during the ongoing atrocities… Aung Thaung…even fail to reply his attempts to contact.

I strongly believe that most of us should support NLD…Try to talk to them about possible back-lashes…And to promise to call UN, US, EU investigators and UN Forces …if these Bastard Generals dare to commit atrocities on Muslims to sabotage NLD Gov. IT MAY BE GOOD FOR THEM ALSO.

So let us consider the remaining option of …(3) to support NLD or
(4) to vote USDP….

DASSK had repeatedly uttered the excuse-word, “There is no RULE OF LAW”. And she had no power to enforce the Rule of Law yet. Yes we accept that lame-excuse. Let’s consider that IF she were elected as the President of the ruling NLD Government, she may need to repeatedly use that excuses as the Military, Police (Home Affairs Ministry) and Border Affairs/Security Ministry would be not under her control according to the present constitution and set-up.

To get the Muslim votes…DASSK led NLD need to give promise of calling in the UN Peace keepers IF USDP gov DARE TO COMMIT ANOTHER atrocity ON Muslims of Myanmar as Myanmar Tatmadaw and Police Forces are not going to be under haer authority. She need to use the UN International Forces to control any riots. (There should be no need to look at the immediate cause that triggered the actual riot: Any party could be wrong or accident or a trap by agent provocateurs.) DASSK could be the commander in chief (at least with the joint commander of UN Peacekeeping forces.) to maintain the Peace, Law and Order and the Rule of Law.

For USDP IF THEY want Muslim votes…arrest Aung Thaung, Khin Nyunt, Wirathu, Nay Myo Wai and 969 Swarn Arr Shins responsible for murders and atrocities in ALL the ATROCITIES on ALL MUSLIMS around Myanmar.

I hope and pray that WE MUSLIMS NEED TO OPENLY DEMAND to both groups.

IF all of us keep on writing and demanding, officially writing letters, talk to them, write on FBs Blogs Muslim Media…even if we could not forced them to answer…

THEIR denial or replies could be sent to UN, USA, EU, OIC etc….Our Muslims’ struggle and conditions would be noticed by the world.


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