President Daw Suu of NLD Government would be unable to control the USDP instigated Racial Riots to destabilize Myanmar

DASSK had repeatedly uttered the excuse-word, “There is no RULE OF LAW”. And she used to say that she had no power to enforce the Rule of Law yet. She end with the words that she wish to be elected as the President to get the power to try to rectify the problems.

Yes we accept that lame-excuse. Let’s consider that IF she were elected as the President of the ruling NLD Government, she may need to repeatedly use that excuses as the Military, Police (Home Affairs Ministry) and Border Affairs/Security Ministry would be not under her control according to the present constitution and set-up.

DASSK led NLD need to consider calling in the UN Peace keepers IF USDP gov DARE TO COMMIT ANOTHER Racial and Religious Riots to destabilize her NLD Government, as Myanmar Tatmadaw and Police Forces are not going to be under her authority.

She needs to use the UN International Forces to control the riots.

(No point to look at the immediate cause that triggered the actual riot: Any party could be wrong or it may be just an accident or a trap by agent provocateurs.)

It is clear that although DASSK could not command the Myanmar Military and Police, she could be the commander in chief of UN International Peace Keeping Forces (at least with the joint commander of UN Peacekeeping forces.) to maintain the Peace, Law and Order and the Rule of Law.


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