Please kindly read my Second blog with pictures

Dear Friends,

Although, I will definitely continue to maintain and publish new articles and news here, as I have published more than seven thousand posts here, my allotment for space is less. I dare not publish pictures here.

Please kindly read my Second blog, complete with pictures here, as my capacity is almost full in this blog.

Dr Ko Ko Gyi @ Abdul Rahman Zafrudin’s SECOND BLOG

But I will still continue to publish here.without pictures…

Please review my oldest blog @


TQ for reading my blogs and FB

Please kindly look at my contributions in the Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

User:Darz kkg

6 Responses to “Please kindly read my Second blog with pictures”

  1. M Says:

    Please do not send me any more of your blogs.
    Please unsubsribe.
    Thank you

    • drkokogyi Says:

      I don’t know you, I never send to you…
      May be without my knowledge, U came and read and you accidentally subscribe my blog.
      FYI I never send my blog to anyone.
      Anyway sorry.

  2. Loyd E Says:

    Dr Ko Ko Gyi..
    I often heard your name when I was in Burma. I did not remanber the topic,but I remember your name whenever my aunts and Uncles having converstion. Do you know Dr Ohn Kyaw (Patrick) from RASU Chem Dept. He was my Uncle.

    Have a Nice Day

  3. Loyd E Says:

    Dr Ko Ko Gyi

    My apology. I was mistaken you with the other Dr Ko Ko Gyi from RASU Chem Dept. please discard my post of asking you if you knew my Uncle.

    Have a Nice Day

    • drkokogyi Says:

      No need for apology.

      I was born in Mdy, grown up in Mdy from 6th Std till graduated as a Med doctor in Mdy. Worked in IMM (now MMU Mdy Med University) and MGH (Mdy Gen Hospital) and then resigned and migrated to Malaysia since 1986.

  4. Dr Ko Ko Gyi Says:

    FB of LYC Daw Mawn Sam >>>Being a good speaker and writer. I think most LYC (71 – 72 ) appreciate Yuwadi Khin Sein Hlaing’s words ေ၇ႊနားကြပ္တဲ့ တိမ္ဂြမ္းစိုင္ according to her explanation. @Ko Ko Gyi – I notice that you always use these words as your headlines of your writings and every time I see it, it reminds me of YWD Khin Sein Hlaing’s praises of LYC.

    FB of LYC Dr. Rita Kong I have read ” ေ၇ႊနားကြပ္တဲ့ တိမ္ဂြမ္းစိုင္’ by Yuwadi Khin Sein Hlaing during one summer of my middle school years fighting the Anyar heat under tin roof. I really like her writings and many of her books are my favorites. I always went into the room filled with many many bundles of books belong to my elders whenever I had free time in my childhood. I see the story behind ေ၇ႊနားကြပ္တဲ့ တိမ္ဂြမ္းစိုင္ and the meaning behind Saya Ko Ko Gyi ‘s Blog headline since I had a puzzle of whether he likes Burmese novel.

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