Not only Rohingyas but the remaining 12 millions of Myanmar Muslims are also facing similar atrocities under RACIST MYANMAR

NOT BECAUSE I AM JEALOUS ABOUT ROHINGYAS’ attraction of the people of the whole world but although not as bad as Rohingyas, Myanmar Muslims are also suffering the discrimination and atrocities in the whole Myanmar.

The mass murder of a dozen of Myanmar Muslims Pilgrims (Tabilige) at Taunggope and burnt alive of 5 dozens of Myanmar Muslim Religious students in Meiktila and Yangon is even worse than Rohingyas.

I am writing this post not because I am against Rohingyas…But just to emphasize the Myanmar Muslims’ suffering using or exploiting from world’s interest on Rohingya.

In other way...IF we point out RIGHTLY that Anti-Rohingya Atrocities is NOT because Rohingyas are illegal migrants…BUT because of the fact that they are Muslims.AND so the ultimate cure depends on stopping Islamophobic Hate Speeches.>>>

We need to emphasize that the BASIC ROOT CAUSE of Anti-Rohingya is ISLAMOPHOBIA…

The whole world forgot that IF Rohingyas are Buddhists…Rakhine and Myanmar Gov would not harm them…

AND MYANMAR MUSLIMS are also suffering, but not as bad as Rohingyas.

IF the world failed to stop ISLAMOPHOBIC HATE SPEECHES…15 millions of MUSLIMS of Myanmar that is Rohingyas and Myanmar Muslims would continue to suffer under the present government.

IF US, EU accepted even ONE MILLION Rohingyas…ANOTHER 14 MILLION of MUSLIMS from Myanmar would be forced out by Myanmar Government’s Anti-Muslim policy practiced through 969 Ma Ba Tha and Swarn Arr Shins. The world needs to FORCE Myanmar Government to stop Apartheid policy on its Muslim citizens. 15 million Myanmar Muslims are currently suffering from that Islamophobic policy of Myanmar Military Government.


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